Thursday, December 21, 2017

Goodbye Spain Hello Catalonia. The Age of Small

As we predicted, the Spanish Government's attempt to bully Catalonia has not worked out.  The recent election gives pro-independence parties a majority -- perhaps 70 seats -- compared to the unionists 37 seats.  

In reality, Catalonian opinions about independence are probably more equally divided than this vote would suggest.

But one thing is clear:  Madrid has alienated Barcelona.  And nobody likes Rajoy very much.

True Love: Raj' and Theresa
This ultimately good news for parties such as Podemos, which can offer progressive compromises. The goal should not be to build a strong Catalonia nation -- but to create an autonomous Catalonia that can look after its own interests cooperating , This will weaken Spain as a nation. 

But that is a good thing.

Nation states are obsolete. 

Globalization came -- and went. And now we have Localization.

Look at what your Smartphone.  This is the age of Small. The Age of Personal Autonomy.

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