Friday, December 22, 2017

Catalonia: Threat to World Order

The possible secession of Catalonia is a threat to Europe--and therefore to the world order.  Catalonia is small.  But so are viruses and bacteria...and if the infection spreads....

Small things can be Big.

Back at the beginning of the Industrial Age, Only Big was ...Big!  Big factories, big cities big countries,big empires.  And of course, big wars.

New nations appeared everywhere.  Modern Italy.  Modern Germany.  The US of A as a continental empire.

Industrialism and industrial economies required scale.That continued into the 2Oth Century which ended on the theme of Globalization, which saw the entire world as one huge international fast food court.

The 21st Century, however, is post industrial.   Twentieth Century information systems encouraged uniformity of opinion -- it was just easier to lie to the public, as Goebbels said,
“It would not be impossible to prove with sufficient repetition and a psychological understanding of the people concerned that a square is in fact a circle. They are mere words, and words can be molded until they clothe ideas and disguise.” 
But Goebbels's Germany had a limited number of newspapers, all quite controllable and limited radio.  Just repeating stupid stuff wen a long way in the absence of alternative information.

Today, we have the internet, social media and the like.  Automatic translation too.  Anarchistic over-information.

"Fake news" is everywhere, of course but the more the media bruit talk   fake news, which is what they call reports contrary to their lies, the more the public distrusts them.  The protesteth too much.


Media attacks on RT are enough to convince many to trust RT.

The American Media's attacks on Trump helped him win the White House!

And UK media's attacks on  Jeremy Corbyn convinced many of his authenticity.   Ultimately, he notion of "fake" is that somewhere the real thing exists -- in this case truth.  

The Media's support of Hillary Clinton helped bring her down.

Back in the Good Old Days -- you opened up the morning paper and you believed.  Paper  then was just another word for scripture, and who argues with God? 

This, however,  is an age of diversity of opinion - not uniformity. Anarchistic informational overload  undermine  all notions of "big" that require uniformity of opinion, unanimity, regimentation and order. 

But we don't need that "big" anymore now that we have moved on from the factory age, which began in 1750 just after England absorbed Scotland.  

Now we have 3d Printing, even 4D printing.  

Swedish 3D Printing factory

Globalization ruled but now its dead.  Long live Localization,   
3D Printed Home

That is why Europe is running scared about Catalonia.  Not because it fears  Catalonia will become a new nation with an army and airforce and so on -- but rather because it fears it won't..  What if it comes something else? Nobody can guess what that might be.  But it might not be a "nation" in the style of Spain or France. It become just a very successful independent economic and social community, a beacon of hope in the increasing dysfunctional EU.

Then you might see we will see some of the former Italian republics seceding, maybe even parts of  France and Germany and of course Scotland.  Maybe even California. 

Julian Assange supports Catalonian independence . Of course, he is an anarcho syndicalist.   Ron Paul supports the Catalonians too.  He's a libertarian.

What's wrong with communities making up their minds for themselves what they want to be?  Isn't that democracy?

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