Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Greatest Revolutionary -- The Donald

Who is the greatest revolutionary in the last 100 years?

Lenin?  Che'?  Fidel?   

No.  Donald Trump--who is single-handedly destroying the largest empire in human history - -the US of A.

"What!" you say.  " Trump is a moron. Deluded.  Crazy. A no-thing who doesn't read"

Quite right.  And those are the secrets of his success as a revolutionary.

Trump is not a truth teller --yet he is revealing the truth of America, with of course a lot of help from the Democrats.

As Hillary apparently never learned -- actions speak louder than words.

Trump is accused of being a liar. But not really anymore than any inmate in the asylum, which in this case is the US of A.

He doesn't know what is true and what is not-- and doesn't much care,   

Now, Barak Obama  -- there was masterclass liar!

In Trump's case, the Emperor has no clothes.  His subjects imitate him.  Or perhaps he imitates them.  In any case, the entire empire stands naked, too.

And the world's laughter is more damaging than any bomb or missile.

Don't blame  Mainstream Media or  Deep State propaganda.

Yes,  57% of Americans believe in the Russiagate narrative --despite the fact there is no credible evidence whatsoever to support it -- despite  key points having been disproven over and over again. 

The liberal  "center" thinks it is more educated and intelligent than Trump and his supporters --but 70% of those people who believe in the  Russiagate lie are Democrats. So much for education.  So much for intelligence.

Only 18% of Trump people believe it. Does that make them genius'.  Hardly.   The whole country -- left and right -- is crazy -- which makes "The Donald"  truly representative of the zeitgeist.

The world marvels -- and laughs -- but behind its laughter are profound changes.

  • The breakdown of American alliances
  • The decline of the dollar as a a reserve currency

The second is most serious.  Because, if the dollar is no longer the world's reserve currency, America can no longer borrow to support the excesses of the military-industrial state, its economy will collapse,  and it is very possible that some states will secede.

Take Iran.  By turning his back on the agreement with Iran and surrendering US foreign policy to Israel, what has Trump done?

  • proven (once again) the US cannot be trusted to honor agreements and promises
  • alienate the Europeans who were hoping to make money from Iran
  • show the US foreign policy is really run by Israel
  • pave the way for the Russians and Chinese to profit from the Iranian market
  • improve the "soft power" credibility of the Russians and Chinese as they embark on the New Silk Road  This results in many countries switching to the Yuan -- or probably (soon) the cryptoruble.  If the dollar loses its status as the world's reserve currency, the US economy collapses.

Or ake American attacks on  Venezuela.

Venezuela is among Latin America's most progressive and democratic states.

The US denies this -- calling it totalitarian.  The sheer idiocy of this judgment makes the rest of Latin America realize that the US cannot be trusted, energizing progressive movements.   

In the case of Venezuela itself, US pressure was interpreted as neocolonist interference -- a kind of warfare and the Venezuelan people reacted by electing a Constitutional Assembly.  The results:
  • Maduro's support has improved.  Now Maduro is no Chavez -- but Trump's attacks are elevating him and his party -- the PUSV.  The opposition is falling apart.   
  • Venezuela has switched to the PetroYuan. 
  • Rightwing governments throughout Latin American are being undermined

Or take American attacks on North Korea

Trump's attacks on Korea cause blowback -- which makes its nominal allies, the  South Koreans and Japanese nervous.   They are in the line of fire.  But, clearly expendable.  Watch for changes in both countries.  
  •  the Russians and the Chinese are going to do their best to bolster the North Korean economy and try to effect economic rapprochement with South Korea.
  • North Korea will continue to develop its defense capabilities

Or take the (impending)  failure of NAFTA

The US has never been a fan of really free "free trade agreements" -- only agreements where it has control.  Under Trump that bias is clearer than ever.

So NAFTA is failing.  The Canadian-American alliance depends on NAFTA as do right wing governments in Mexico.   No NAFTA?
  • The Canadians get more independent.   The Chinese will benefit.  
  • Canadian yuan transactions will increase.
  • Mexico will also turn to China
  • Socialists will be strengthened in both Mexico and Canada   

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