Saturday, September 23, 2017

Right again.....the NZ Election

As predicted, the NZ election is very close and Winston Peters will decide the final result.

In any case, it has to be understood as a win for Jacinda Adern, for turning Labour's fortune around in such a short time -- an unprecedented turn around.  And she would have won except for Bill English's deliberate lies about Labour tax policy.  "Lies" -- an ugly word.  But they have be regarded as lies -- because not a single economist of any reputation has agreed with him.  
Trust.  An Issue

Who would have thought that English -- an essentially honest man -- would stoop so low.  But it will come around and bite him.

Certainly, the  desperation of this tactic does not bode well for the National Party if they are able to form a government.  There is an essential element of trust.  Don't expect this issue to go away.

As far as Adern is concerned -- she has only been leader for two months. By contrast with the NZ tories, she is open and honest. She has nowhere to go but up. 

As I said before, the conservative government's neoliberal policies will bear increasingly poisoned fruit.   The concerns of Kiwis are now homelessness, poverty, the housing crisis and inequality -- non of which will solved by the National Party's neoliberal programs.

There is such a thing as a "policy gap".   Theresa May's Tories won in the UK too.  But lost by default.  As time goes on, it is clearer and clearer that they have nothing to offer.

Sorry, National , your win is like the UK Tories a Pyrrhic victory. It only give Adern time to organize and clean house.

Personally, I hope that the National Party is able to form a government.  Winston Peters would be foolish to tie his wagon to National's lame cow.   And, given his views, it would undermine him in the next election - which will likely happen soon enough. 

Better a lame duck National government than a lame duck Labour one. 

So, yes, my analysis has been correct, keeping in mind that elections are dynamic processes.

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