Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Jacinda wins even if she loses

As predicted, the polls have tightened up.  Yup, a cliffhanger.

But ...fate... intervenes.  The Fuel Crisis!

The Natz have  said that the airlines and energy companies would do something, reflexively leaving the solution to the Private Sector.  Probably.  Labour said you needed policy changes to prevent things like this proactive.  And guess what the airlines and energy companies are not solving the problem -- it's just getting worse.

Bill English says he's on it -- finally.

Things like this define the positions of the two parties:   Labour: proactive, the Natz: reactive.  
What did he know - -when did he know it?

A crisis like this is not good for English just before an election, when the polls are up, down and all around.

But....let's just say that Labour loses.  That will be a win in the long term. Because, as problems appear -- as they inevitably do with conservative governments, people will blame the Natz big time.  

In Canada, for example, the Conservatives could not be beat for quite a long time.  Then came the untried, untested Justin Trudeau -- an air head --but a pretty one.  The Conservatives were slaughtered.

Yes, Bill English and Stephen Harper are clones

In the UK, Labour lost -- fortunately.  Now the electorate is moving decidedly left.  Corbyn has a chance to  house clean his party while everybody blames Elizabeth May.

So, if Jacinda cannot form a government -- she still wins.  And Jacinda is not an airhead.  

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