Thursday, September 21, 2017

Hurricanes. Proof The Russians Did It.

The Russians did it!
As you know, the mainstream media have not mentioned any link between global climate change and the recent hurricanes that struck the Caribbean and Florida.  There is a good reason for this.

The Russians did it.

As with their swinging the US election to trump, we don't know they did it.  The facts all suggest otherwise.  That merely proves how dangerous the Russians are.

Satan, aka Vladimir Putin, is the Great Deceiver.  The Dark One's ways are ever cloaked in mystery and magic.

But we do know a few things.

The Hurricanes started somewhere south of the US.  Now south of the US is never good. That's where all our drugs, rapists and murderers come from.  South.  Yeah, like your genitals.

In the case of hurricanes,  they came from farther south than Mexico.

And what is there?  Cuba. Venezuela.  Nicaragua.  All those Russian puppet states.  They are Evil. They have free healthcare.

Does Vlad have secret technologies?

He must have.  Because how else could he have swung the election to Trump.  

We know he did it. Just like Hillary's loss in the election and the STD epidemic.  

Warm up those nukes .

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