Saturday, September 30, 2017

Catalonian Prediction

The Spanish Government is doing its best to ensure that Catalonia declares independence. Before the proposed referendum a majority of Catalonians would have voted “no” just as a majority of Scots voted “no” in their referendum.

But more than 80% of Catalonians support the right to vote – legalities aside.

That makes the Spanish government – that is, Spain – the bad guy.
So what you will get is a protest vote.  It will be a “yes” vote, if only because the potential “yes” voters will obey the Spanish government and stay away from the polls.

A “yes” vote does not mean independence for Catalonia – but it is huge PR victory for those who oppose the current Spanish government.  It’s a victory for Podemos.

Bullying does not win the day. 

 It is just like American attempts to bully Russia. Those attempts have just made Russia stronger and more independent than ever

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