Saturday, June 10, 2017

Friending Corbyn

Corbyn confounded his critics -- some of whom lost no time in becoming supporters.  Owen Jones, for example.

Jeremy Corbyn has caused a sensation – he would make a fine prime minister

Yet, just the other day, Jones had a different point of view.

Jeremy Corbyn says he’s staying. That’s not good enough


 The bottom line is this. If there is an early general election, Labour will suffer a terrible defeat, Corbyn will resign anyway, the left will have no political capital, the party will shift to the right, a right-wing Tory Party will have a huge majority, and British politics will shift even further to the right with xenophobia and authoritarianism rampant.

Yes, there was an early election.  And now Jones is a Corbyn fan.

There is nothing like a win to bring out the sycophants and toadies. 

But generally, the Guardian and the Independent don't have much to say about Corbyn.  How could they?  Having spent months saying what a Loser he is. And they really don't like his "extremist" policies -- a UK for the Many not the Few.

The Blairites in the PLP.?   Gnashing their teeth and dreaming of ways to poison Corbyn and a few million supporters.    On the other hand, they are in politics as LifeTime Employment.   They want to keep their jobs.  Can't cross the aisle now -- that's the Losing Side.

So here's the thing.....

If Labour really wants to govern - it must purge the Blairites and get in people who care. Corbyn cannot accomplish much if half of his MPs are a Fifth Column. 

But getting rid of the Blair detritus is going to be hard. 

 On the other hand....

The Tories have formed an alliance with some Looney Tunes Christian Rightists.   They will go from bad to worse.

And there will be another election soon enough..  By that time, hopefully,  deselection will have thinned the Blairite ranks.

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