Friday, April 21, 2017

It's All On You. LOL

If you read my last three blog posts, you will understand that the Mainstream Media are irrevocably biased.

So why do you believe them? 

Do you believe those African Princes is offer you millions in cash if only you will give them your credit card number?   Of course not, you say -- those are SCAMS!  Just so obvious. 

You will append "LOL" to your message.

LOL indeed.

Now the Media's stories are as farfetched as those of any African Prince temporarily embarrassed by a million or two in cash. 

They are so often illogical, defying reason.  

For example:

Would Bashir Assad hide Sarin gas weapons from his sponsors, the Russians AND the OPCW just to use them against terrorists when he is winning?  Duuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?  NOT!

Add to that the fact that you didn't believe ANYTHING the "Donald" said yesterday ("he's a liar")  -- but today you do?  
From the Nation


Add to that also the fact that the media all describe such incidents with almost identical language -- normally a sure giveaway.  Just like all African Princes (and their ilk)  with money problems describe their problem the same way.  Notice how often the word "brutal" comes up.  Not, say, "botched" -- which is the word we use when we kill kids (and the Media really don't like to talk about such things).


Yeah, the Media are a Mob.   More correctly, they are at the front yelling loudest.   But you mob is really ... YOU .. and yours.
Fun for the Whole Family

And you join in because you want  just want an excuse to kill somebody.   Your boss maybe. They guy who cut in on you in traffic.  The kids when they are noisy.  

Didn't you watch Dexter?  And, oh yes, you could identify.

Mindless violence is fun.

The Media 'R Us.

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