Friday, April 21, 2017

Evidence -- the Media as Mob

The Media are a Mob -- a mindless as any lynch mob in the 19th Century.

The evidence is plain for anyone to see.

For example -- Russian "meddling"?   

Here is a screen capture of a Google search page.  Notice that the wording is almost identical for a lot of these headlines.  Notice also that the culprits in this game are some of the biggest and most respected names in the media.  Yes, the New York Times, the LA times, CNN, the Economist, the Guardian, the Independent....Go to the second or third page of Google Search and you will see more.

Keep in mind that there is no evidence that the Russians "meddled" in US elections in any way. And there is no evidence that they are "meddling" in elections in Europe.

Such mindlessness kills people.

Media Group Think is emotional and malicious.

Here's another example, also a screen capture from Google.  This is part of a general misinformation campaign directed at Venezuela.  Despite the fact that Venezuela is decidedly more democratic than the US, the US and Canada accuse Maduro of acting dictatorially.   Recently, the Venezuelan Supreme Court ordered the legislature to revoke the privileges of three members who had been illegally seated.  The legislature illegally refused.  As a result, the Supreme Court had no choice but to take control -- as is its right under the law.    Now, in 2000, the US Supreme Court intervened to hand the presidency to George Bush.  Did this make Bush a "dictator"?  The US Supreme Court has similar powers to that of the Venezuelan Supreme Court.  Both are independent of the other branches of government.  Maduro, in fact, is known to be critical of the Venezuelan Supreme Court action -- but it is not his call to make. 

Again, the media are using the same language. And again the culprits are major media outlets.  The Independent, Reuters, the Economist, the Atlantic, and WaPo-- to name a few.

Needless to say, the take in Venezuela is not quite the same....

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