Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Nine Percent. The Power of Nine.

It is not the One Percent that count!

Donald Trump is the best friend Progressives in the US have ever had.   As you will see, he has just managed to radicalize nine percent of the population --   and while that may not seem much at first glance -- it means change for the rest of us.

 Hillary, if elected, would have been a continuation of Obama, a conservative in liberal’s fleece (to mix a metaphor) – no less right wing than any TeaBugger -- and no less dangerous to human rights, the environment or world peace – not to mention toxic for progressives – because she was someone the sheeple -- a majority of voters at least -- called their own.    How fortunate that we do not live in a democracy and she wasn't voted in.

Liberal = Conservative

For a majority of people, leadership is all about appearances.

Obama was a handsome man with cute kids. He looked Black – so he must be liberal, right?  Because blacks are…well…blacks. – even the white ones.   

Hillary is a woman and wears pink pant suits so she must be liberal, too because women are…well…women, even the ones with balls.

Yet both Hillary and the Obummer were pretty much the same as  Trump.

No,  sheep are not actually stupid. But they are programmed to follow anything white and wooley.  Sheeple.? Baaaaaaaaaaah….  You too -- right over the cliff.
Are you next in line?

It is not for nothing that we about “fleecing” a mark.  The public is a flock --  born to sheared and eaten.

Now, Trump is ever so WYSIWYG.  

Paint-on tan.  Bad dyed hair.  A man who is proud of how little he has read, who twitters and tweets and thinks in phrases of thre words, rather than sentences.  He is superficial and greedy.  Bad

 No GoodAppearances, remember.  The Donald looks authentic.

Which….wait for it! ... makes him one of Us!

You are the Donald.   Because you think you are authentic. Come on -- 'fess up -- you think you are real -- all indications to the contrary.

Oh, oh….  the pain of contradiction.

That is why we have “Liberal Moderation”, which is a way of reducing conflict.

It is a sort of dinner time politics thing that accepts all sides of an argument --politely-- in order to move on to dessert, no matter what the actual content.  Back in the Reich....  "Shall we gas the Jews?"  "Please pass the butter".  "That might be a little extreme".  "Maybe gas the Slavs instead".   "Would you like some bread?"

A few people throw up after dinner.  

Cognitive dissonance is like really, really bad indigestion.  It puts things in perspective.  

 This is why "Nice'" people pretend not to be interested in politics, which we all know is not 'nice':  throwing up is icky.

They don't talk about politics over dinner.  They also often don't vote, which makes talking a side, even though, as we have seen, the "sides" are often the same, and the real choices -- Jill Stein, for example, are not seen as choices at all. If they voted, it might come up at dinner, which might mean something else coming up all over the floor later. You get the idea.

Now, Trump has politicized a minority of people.  

This happens when the family is eating spam & beans most nights because Daddy lost his job and Mommy is working minimum wage at a coffee shop.   This affects dinner time conversation. 

He campaigned on “change” just as Obama did.  So a lot of people voted for that.   (When will we learn that “change” for a politician means “whatever is best for me and mine”?)

But Trump did the unthinkable -- he  delivered.  It was an accident -- an unintended consequence -- and not exactly the change promised or  wanted-- but change anyway.

He didn’t have the money. He didn’t have the media on his side.  He didn’t even have the votes finally.  But he won.  It is the death of politics as we know it.   He killed the GOP .  He killed the DNP. He didn't kill American democracy -- just clarified our lack of one.

He also did  not kill the military, State, the NSA, the CIA and the One Percent (to which he belongs) which are stronger than ever – although now we can more clearly see their hairy butts shitting all over us.     

The change that Trump has wrought no doubt means that the  public as a whole are getting the shitty end of the stick –  but, yes, things are now much more out in the open. 
Still a pay-toilet,  America is now a toilet with no door.

Suddenly we don't even have the illusion of choice.

And how have most people responded?   A few asked "Why do we  have to pay to shit if there is no door?"  A problem since spam and beans produces a lot of excrement.

To continue this metaphor, the Democratic Party hunched down on their mistakes – straining to give us even more shit than before.  Constipative Dissonance.  Naturally, the Dems blame the Other -- Aliens.  The  Russians.  The Venezuelans.   Aliens from Outer Space.    

WikiLeaks?  Nah.  The Aliens!

And the GOP?  Hahahaha.  

Oh, when have they not been history?  They haven’t even got around to noticing that the Tea Party have their balls in a jar.  Gopsters are jumping around for joy at the notion they can take the US back to the Golden Age -- the Middle Ages  with all those fun medieval tortures.  

Goppy people also like blaming Aliens.   Aliens from Muslim countries, Aliens from Mexico. Aliens in China.

You are probably asking why we --left and right -- have such a "thing" about Aliens.

But it is a momentary thought -- and then you go back to a  video game aliens.  

I is my want.... That is the nature of this blog. Not "regressive" left but digressive left.

In any case,  whatever Trump has done -- or will do -- 90 percent of people don’t (won't)  get it.   They will bitch about the spam and beans -- but after a while they will get used to it, like all the other shit they put in their mouths.  Shit in /  shit out.

And anyway, they still have Netflix.

A majority of Americans, for example,  applauded that recent  war crime against Syria – where we bombed a airfield and maybe a nearby village, to tell Bashir Assad not to use chemicals on his people, which he didn't do and we had no reason to believe he had done.  This was a crime even under American law.  "Hooyah!" said just about everyone.

70 percent of Americans cheered when Trump dropped the “Mother of All Bombs” in Afghanistan despite the fact that:

•    It probably wasn't that effective militarily
•    It recent history is any indication, it killed more civilians than combatants
•    It just royally pissed off the Afghans who will just fight harder

As the French philosopher Baudrillard has written: we no longer care about reality -- only about the Spectacle.

The Taliban responded with a successful attack on an Afghan military base, which was barely noted in the American Media.

The One Percent were happy.  They profit from the idiocy of the 90 percent.  Replacing those spent tomahawks and MotherFucker bombs just keeps the money flowing upwards out of your pockets into theirs.  War = $$$$$.

So. in summary,  were are fucked by ninety percent plus one percent.... That's a fuck rate of ninety one percent.

The remaining 9 percent of the population are pissed .....

And that is the Good News.  Nine is the Magic Number   

History (and statistics) teach us all you need to effect social change is a committed minority of 9 to 10 percent, --given 90 percent don't really care -- and one percent are too busy counting pennies.

This 9 percent, however,  have to be ordinary people radicalized to  become zealots, rejecting compromise and consensus and getting angrier with the day.  

The radicalization part is important because if you were born a zealot, you are probably psychotic or religious (almost the same) -- which tends to result in things turning out badly. 

What we need are Grannies with guns.

The Digressive Left

Now, the Death of American politics and the Rise of Trump more or less guarantees radicalization of a significant number of people.

This Nine Percent will stick to their (pardon the pun) guns, as long as the situation does not improve -- which -- under Trump -- will be the case.  They will also not compromise with the "Moderate Majority"., the "Center", the "Middle", the Flab Class.   Why compromise with or seek consensus with  idiots?  That is not democracy --but idiocracy. 

Trump's  nine percent are, as I have said, ordinary people who do care about ideological abstractions --“capitalism” or “free markets”  “education” “freedom” or “democracy” or “justice”  all ambiguous terms which mean different things to different people at different times.    

The Radical Nine are motivated by present reality -- Trump --  not what they learned in High School.  They also hate spam and beans every night.

They may have their  mythological or religious fantasies, but the pressure of reality is too great for panaceas when you are just really, really pissed and steak for dinner and a toilet with a door.     

Of course, radicalization has its dangers.  As we mentioned, some people are born zealots.  A few are twisted by experience. 

ISIS, for example,  was born in Iraqi prisons.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, contemporaries of al-Baghdadi describe him in his youth as being shy, unimpressive, a religious scholar, and a man who eschewed violence. For more than a decade, until 2004, he lived in a room attached to a small local mosque in Tobchi, a poor neighbourhood on the western fringes of Baghdad, inhabited by both Shia and Sunni Muslims.
 The Americans created Al- Badhdadi.

Hitler was not quite an ordinary man -- he was a limited  artist who could draw landscapes and buildings but not people, lived on the street,  sold postcards to Jews and loved Jewish singers, he bought into conspiracy theories -- Jews, Communists and so on.  He was radicalized by poverty, failure, and finally WWI.    As time went on his zealotry grew and intensified.   Failure, prison, and repression did not matter. He was going to make a difference.

After years and years, he managed to sway first 9 percent -- that magic number -- and finally the mass of Germans, offering  prosperity and social programs that benefited people in concrete ways -- and were retained and even developed further by the postwar German state.  

Hitler's antisemitism and Aryanism came from his culture -- unconscious ideologies.  We have our own versions of such things.

But try to imagine a Hitler without the Aryan mythology -- without the antisemitism, racism, and the other viciousness that resonated so well with the German Public Id. That Hitler -- the vegetarian who liked animals so much he passed laws to protect them -- might very well have created a thousand year Reich!

As mentioned, many of his programs live on today in Merkel's Germany and the EU.

In the UK, the most significant nine percent were socialists. They suffered for 70 years -- but did not compromise.   

Their Trump was Hitler. And after WWII, they led the 90 percent to reform the UK offering advances in education and healthcare that led to Cool Britannia in the 70s.     With Tony Blair however came compromise -- and the Labour Party died until (perhaps) resurrected by Jeremy Corbyn.

As Yoda says, we must eschew the Dark Side.  Even if it means living in a swamp for years and years.

This should be a lesson for American progressives.  Stay grounded.  But do not compromise.   

The focus needs to be on basic humanity and the community, empathy and cooperation, a sense of fairness and balance -- from these things flow the opportunity American culture purports to offer but never delivers.   Follow Yoda -- not Darth Vader.

Trump has provided the moment.

Americans can  hear that giant sucking sound (as Ross Perot famously called it) – in this case, resources, wealth and rights and privileges being vacuumed upwards to be hoarded by a few people at the Top, who haven’t the faintest idea of what to do with it.  They can hear an equally giant flushing sound.  That’s your children and their future being disposed of.  

The issues here are not "redistribution" or "capitalism" or any of these things often used as code words in ideological discussions and which mean different things to different people.  Rather the issues are   "hoarding" and sharing -- not to mention   the right to live your life your own way.  Police violence and racism and gender discrimination are not issues -- bullying and standing up to bullies is.  These are all things that even chimpanzees understand.  So why not Americans?

Plain language.  Plain thinking. You have heard the expression, "Think globally, act locally".  Nonsense. Think locally.  Act locally. "Global will look after itself".  It all starts at the community level.

Take single payer health insurance in Canada.  It began in Saskatchewan under the Tommy Douglas's CCP socialist party in 1962 and was at first bitterly opposed.  The CCP stuck to its principles and the plan proved so successful -- and saved so much money -- that everyone everywhere in Canada wanted it. 

But you need that committed minority to stick to their guns. 

You need the nine percent.

The 90 percent won't do anything themselves.  As mentioned, many  don’t even vote.  They are a huge aggregate in which inclusion dilutes the power of each individual. Aggregation means passivity, a mindless mob.

 The one percent have money and power – but they are very few – which ironically they think amplifies their power.   

The 9 percent are many – but not so many that their rage can be diminished by numbers.  Unified by commitment, aware that they are the minority – their power is amplified.  If they do not give up.
A committed minority must be an ethical minority. 

Power = intensity x time.

Of course, this assumes the "committed minority" wants to sway the majority and is not led astray by impractical belief systems or mythologies.  The Tea Party, for example, is simply reactionary and lost in abstractions, more cultish than "committed".     

Ten percent of the US population is three million or so people.  If they are all of one mind, focused on just a few things they want, inflexible and uncompromising and willing to do what it takes, even – if necessary – violence in defense of person.   Then, you have a revolution.  The 90 percent go with the flow.  The one percent get their heads lopped off.

Can’t happen?

The American Revolution  ? 


Friday, April 21, 2017

It's All On You. LOL

If you read my last three blog posts, you will understand that the Mainstream Media are irrevocably biased.

So why do you believe them? 

Do you believe those African Princes is offer you millions in cash if only you will give them your credit card number?   Of course not, you say -- those are SCAMS!  Just so obvious. 

You will append "LOL" to your message.

LOL indeed.

Now the Media's stories are as farfetched as those of any African Prince temporarily embarrassed by a million or two in cash. 

They are so often illogical, defying reason.  

For example:

Would Bashir Assad hide Sarin gas weapons from his sponsors, the Russians AND the OPCW just to use them against terrorists when he is winning?  Duuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?  NOT!

Add to that the fact that you didn't believe ANYTHING the "Donald" said yesterday ("he's a liar")  -- but today you do?  
From the Nation


Add to that also the fact that the media all describe such incidents with almost identical language -- normally a sure giveaway.  Just like all African Princes (and their ilk)  with money problems describe their problem the same way.  Notice how often the word "brutal" comes up.  Not, say, "botched" -- which is the word we use when we kill kids (and the Media really don't like to talk about such things).


Yeah, the Media are a Mob.   More correctly, they are at the front yelling loudest.   But you mob is really ... YOU .. and yours.
Fun for the Whole Family

And you join in because you want  just want an excuse to kill somebody.   Your boss maybe. They guy who cut in on you in traffic.  The kids when they are noisy.  

Didn't you watch Dexter?  And, oh yes, you could identify.

Mindless violence is fun.

The Media 'R Us.

Evidence -- the Media as Mob

The Media are a Mob -- a mindless as any lynch mob in the 19th Century.

The evidence is plain for anyone to see.

For example -- Russian "meddling"?   

Here is a screen capture of a Google search page.  Notice that the wording is almost identical for a lot of these headlines.  Notice also that the culprits in this game are some of the biggest and most respected names in the media.  Yes, the New York Times, the LA times, CNN, the Economist, the Guardian, the Independent....Go to the second or third page of Google Search and you will see more.

Keep in mind that there is no evidence that the Russians "meddled" in US elections in any way. And there is no evidence that they are "meddling" in elections in Europe.

Such mindlessness kills people.

Media Group Think is emotional and malicious.

Here's another example, also a screen capture from Google.  This is part of a general misinformation campaign directed at Venezuela.  Despite the fact that Venezuela is decidedly more democratic than the US, the US and Canada accuse Maduro of acting dictatorially.   Recently, the Venezuelan Supreme Court ordered the legislature to revoke the privileges of three members who had been illegally seated.  The legislature illegally refused.  As a result, the Supreme Court had no choice but to take control -- as is its right under the law.    Now, in 2000, the US Supreme Court intervened to hand the presidency to George Bush.  Did this make Bush a "dictator"?  The US Supreme Court has similar powers to that of the Venezuelan Supreme Court.  Both are independent of the other branches of government.  Maduro, in fact, is known to be critical of the Venezuelan Supreme Court action -- but it is not his call to make. 

Again, the media are using the same language. And again the culprits are major media outlets.  The Independent, Reuters, the Economist, the Atlantic, and WaPo-- to name a few.

Needless to say, the take in Venezuela is not quite the same....

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Liars, Liars, Pants On Fire

What is wrong with these headlines from the Mainstream Media, which got to billing in Google News?   A lot. They are false. Yes, "fake news" writ large. Goebbels would be impressed.

France’s elections are just the latest in Russia’s shadow war in a wary Europe

Fears of Russian meddling in a French vote reflect an overt and covert influence campaign


There is no evidence that the Russians are meddling in the French vote, only that some candidates would prefer to do business with the Russians rather than wage a proxy war for the Americans.   So, nope Russia is not waging a shadow war in Europe.  The Americans and NATO, however, waging a cold war.  Not that the term "meddling" is ubiquitous in almost every Western publication, which implies that the term is being copied over and over again stenographically.

Venezuelans are still demonstrating. What happens next for the dictatorship of President Nicolás Maduro?

--Washington Post

Maduro was democratically elected by a majority of his people -- unlike Donald Trump. The elections were monitored by 170 foreign observers and considered considerably fairer and more democratic than those of the U.S.
 From Wikipedia:

Since 1998 elections in Venezuela have been highly automated, and administered by a non-partisan National Electoral Council, with poll workers drafted via a lottery of registered voters. Polling places are equipped with multiple high-tech touch-screen DRE voting machines, one to a "mesa electoral", or voting "table". After the vote is cast, each machine prints out a paper ballot, or VVPAT, which is inspected by the voter and deposited in a ballot box belonging to the machine's table. The voting machines perform in a stand-alone fashion, disconnected from any network until the polls close.[9] Voting session closure at each of the voting stations in a given polling center is determined either by the lack of further voters after the lines have emptied, or by the hour, at the discretion of the president of the voting table.
As part of the election administration the National Electoral Council planned a post-election audit of 54% of polling places, comparing the electronic records with the paper trail.

Syria chemical attack: Authority finds 'incontrovertible' evidence of Sarin


No, the OPCW did not find "incontrovertible evidence of Sarin -- but of an unspecified chemical agent, which could have been "Sarin-like"  -- most likelyh phosphine or some similar toxic substance.  Since victims were being treated with bare hands,  weapons grade Sarin is unlikely. The foul odor reported is not characteristic of Sarin, which is odorless.

When you read Google News -- write off anything from WaPo, Salon or CNN.  They lie.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Why We Hate The Mass Media

The Public don't care about anything that doesn't affect them directly. The Media go with the flow and tell people what they want to hear.

So, if the Media 'R Us,  why do we distrust them so much?

Because we don't really think they are us--just our whores.  We know it isn't love because  they don't kiss us on the mouth.   

But there are other reasons -- far more complicated.  Namely, the Information Age is also the Age of Identity.  

The American Public was never one thing. That Melting Pot was a myth.  Otherwise, American streets would be packed with only chocolate colored people of indeterminate gender earning exactly the same salaries.

But information technology has not only provided forums for diversity, it has made being "different" a source of pride -- as long as you it earns you membership in a group.  

Sigh... now ordinary white people with nothing to distinguish them have to claim to have ADHD or pschopath.  At the very least, get tattoos and pierced nipples.

Suddenly we see society-- not even as an Irish stew -- with chunks of this and that simmering in the national broth -- but as a huge food court with all sorts of stuff that we can choose.  I am chicken.  You are pasta.  She is  Chinese.  He is a potato.   Oh, there's sushi.... Vive la difference!]

We eat at the same table.  So we can argue about our "choices".  That's just a metaphor, of course. And like all metaphors it falls down in some respects.  

In reality, we are black, white, brown, Asian, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Atheist, young, old, gay, straight, transexual, and so on. And  while we say we "choose"  , we mostly don't --or can't.  You don't "choose" to be gay. Or old. Or young.  Most people don't choose their religion -- their parents do it for them. 

The notion of "choice" has more to do with marketing, which  now targets social groups ever more minutely, using Internet preferences and statistics.

Identity sells, too.
Forget the Food Court Metaphor for identity -- it is an oversimplification. 

Marketers know that the consumption patterns of each social group reflect the mentality of that group and the conditions that determine it, both fixed (biological) and dynamic).     I

If you are 33 year old Black Jewish Lesbian Dwarf, I have something to sell you, that will reinforce your pride in Blackness, Jewishness, Lesbianism and Dwarfism.   You will buy it -- because you are what you are. You really don't have a choice. 

So "identity" is ever more specific to every defined social groups.  That separates us from all the other sheep.  
Identity matters
Now, the Mass Media are ... Mass. They were set up for One Size Fits All -- during a time when there was no Internet.  Like the nation-state itself, it is something of an anachronism --  generalizing regressive memes and platitudes .

The Mass Media must appeal in the most general way to our most primitive feelings --the kind of primality that Black Jewish Lesbian Dwarves share with White Racist Paedophiles and Aging Asian Presbyterian Ministers. Patriotism of course.  But also fear and hate. The Seven Deadly Sins. The Media reach out to your Id.

Now,  I don't want to look at my Id -- my shit --but I do -- secretly.  I definitely don't want to look at  yours -- which is disgusting.  Still,  when I watch or read the Media, I more or less have to see yours. Which reminds me what is wrong with mine.  How then can I trust the Media ?  Those whores!  They fuck everybody

Yet, still I need them.

Ah yes, diversity = cognitive dissonance.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Media 'R Us

The newspapers lie
As far as politics and international relations are concerned, you do not get the “facts” in the American news – you get “fake news"  aka propaganda .  The media do not just "get it wrong" -- they lie.  

So when there was and explosion in Idlib province with people dying from a foul smelling gas, the  Western Mainstream Media immediately accused Bashir Assad of bombing his own people with Sarin. Their sources were Al Qaeda -- and also the Turks,  who weren't there and anyway have been implicated in supplying ISIS and Al Qaeda with chemical weapons technology.  There was no real evidence that the deaths in Idlib were due to sarin at all as you can see from the photo below.   
Sarin is transmitted through the skin. These responders are using bare hands to help victims. Sarin is also odorless but responders complained about the noxious odor.

Western reports have been thoroughly discredited -- just as the 2013 incident in Ghouta was.    Go here to Media Lens .... and here to to an analysis by an MIT expert ..... 

The American media have huge resources, people, money, organization. The must know the truth.

But they are not in the story business.   Really, every news article should begin: "Based on a true story...".  Like all those movies that have little or nothing to do with really happened.

When Trump seized on the opportunity to show the world that he is really not Putin's bitch, 90 percent of the American media applauded, cutting across party lines, acting as cheerleaders, all pom-poms and hoopla.

It often takes years and years before anyone will admit that these media events are hoaxes. That was the case with the Gulf of Tonkin story, Saddam's soldiers dumping babies out of incubators  to die on the cold floor in Kuwait and so on. 

The Public really doesn't want to know.  We are the "Good Guys", right.?  "They" are the Bad Guys because they are not "Us".

We want to believe Media lies.So, we have a vested interest in pretending they are "free", rather than just telling us what we want to hear.

Nah, there is no "Fourth Estate" -- just the propaganda wing of the Third.  Come to think of it --  there is only one estate -- us.

Now, in some other countries, such as North Korea, the press is directly controlled.  So people have to assume that most of what they are told is fiction .   

In Saudi Arabia, the media must mind both the Government - -and religious authorities.  There too people know the difference. 

Here the  Media companies are owned by a few rich people -- and they are in it to get richer so they must accommodate the preconceptions and needs of their audience -- and, of course, the advertisers who make their operations possible.  
His Nastiness: Rupert

  Rupert Murdoch didn't get to be rich by being stupid.  

America is #41 in press freedom worldwide because you cannot have real freedom of information when the truth is a market transaction.
America as #41

 "News" is entertainment.    And every good story has to have a nasty Villain, who doesn't look like us.  And a hero who looks like we wish we looked.    We need Evil.  We need Good.  We need Justice.  What do those things mean?  Who the fuck cares.

Of course, at some level, people also know it is a crock.  When we talk to our kids, they tend to ask dumb questions: like why?

Cognitive dissonance is a kid telling the Emperor he is naked. 

What to do?

Blame the Media.

Once upon a time, people took what they read in the newspaper as probably more or less factual --  so long as it did not conflict with their personal beliefs, prejudices or experience (of course).   By the time that untruths were exposed for what they were usually a lot of time had passed, lessening impact. Today,  Today, with the Internet, there are other sources of information -- which are difficult to ignore.  And kids have access to that too.

As a result, ,confidence in the media has fallen to just 30%. 

Still, it is you who controls the media -- the mob --expressing your  baser desires.

The media are just whores.

As Edward Bernays, the Father of Modern Advertising and PR knew well (he was Sigmund's nephew) he Public Mind  has it's Super Ego, it's Ego and -- most important of all, its Id.   

Ultimately,  most of the Public 'Mind" is unconscious-- with the Public “Id”  determining narratives.

Most of the "Mind" is hidden
The Media, of course, have to blame someone too.  They blame “fake news” on either foreign governments.   Nobody blames the People.

And yet we are the ones with the power to change all this.   We can and do influence events.

The American people got mass murderer William Calley, who had been living rather comfortably under house arrest,  a pardon.  But a majority branded Bradley (Chelsea) Manning a traitor for revealing war crimes leading to a long sentence under terrible conditions that the UN labelled torture. 

Whistle-blowers and truth tellers are like prophets  -- without honor in their own countries. 
79% of Americans disagreed with Lt.Calley's Court Martial conviction leading to Nixon's pardon after 3 years of house arrest. By contrast 52% of Americans thought Bradley Manning a traitor for revealing American war crimes.  Hugh Thompson, the Hero of Mai Lai, who stopped the massacre was shunned for 30 yeras

The American Public Id is brutal  and jingoistic -- it applauds bombing and killing, as long as the people who die are somewhere else.  The  Public Ego may talk of justice and freedom but the Public Id needs bogeymen -- 'terrorists" and "brutal dictators" to justify its delusions of national integrity, mass murder, torture and genocide.. 

If you pledge allegiance to the flag you are either a hypocrite or a fool -- or most likely both.  If you say, "my country right or wrong..." you are a psychopath.

As I said, in this modern capitalist world there is only one estate.  The Public.

And we are all part of it -- even the one percent.

Hitler did not convince the Germans to hate Jews and Slavs.  They already loathed them.    And -- of course -- Hitler was just another of those anti-Semitic Germans -- just one member of the Public, who led from behind.

Our forefathers killed Indians and Mexicans and took their land. That is the American Way-- One Nation Under Greed.

later, the Germans and the Japanese were the Bad Guys.  They lost the war and became vassals -- and we had an even bigger empire.  

After that,  the focus shifted to the Russians and the Chinese -- but they could not be conquered -- which made them really, really Evil. We tried to bully them - and, guess what, they didn't like it.  They resisted.

It is for good reason that Satan's other name is the Adversary.

George Bush sagely  said it all:  "if you're not with us, you're against us".   But "with us" means subservient to us.  "Against us" means adversarial. And we have a right go kill you, men, women and children.

Not all Americans think this way (obviously) -- but enough do that it defines the national narrative -- the fiction that provides context for our our lives. 

Of course, a lot of Americans prefer not to think at all.!  Those are the ones who don't vote and say, "I'm not interested in politics". 

They too are complicit. Shame on them. Shame on us.