Thursday, March 2, 2017

Trump and Hitler

Let’s be clear: I don’t like Donald Trump – although I do think he is more honest than either Obama or Hillary.  A reactionary idiot – but honest.  But the people who compare Trump to Hitler and the US to Weimar era Germany are idiots, too.

Yup, you get the Prez’ you deserve.

Germany in the early 30s was demilitarized, impoverished and had lost large chunks of national territory.  Imagine a US without a military.   Imagine a war-weakened US forced to give up Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico to Mexico and Alaska to the Russians.

OK, some would say that would be an improvement, I know. It would get rid of Sarah Palin and the Texas GOP.

Now, Hitler.  

Trump is authoritarian, we are told. And so was Hitler.  True, perhaps.  But Trump is a rich spoiled man with a platinum spoon up his ass.  Hitler came up the hard way – and was certainly no capitalist.  Yes, national socialism was socialism.


  •  Broke Free from the International banking cartels, eliminating German debt
  •  Created a thriving economy with no unemployment
  •  Passed laws to safeguard the Environment and ensure animal rights
  •  Made sure that German workers were well-treated with guaranteed employment, holidays, and free healthcare, not to mention free education for their children 
  •  Emphasized respect for women, children and strong family values, a kind of proto-feminist
  •  Banned experimentation on animals (vivisection)
  •  Created the world’s first anti-tobacco program
  •  Lowered crime rates by emphasizing rehabilitation through gainful employment

A lot of this was paid for invading other countries and stealing their resources – and, of course, by disenfranchising the Jews and stealing their wealth continent wide. 
Lest you forget

Hitler needed a continental empire to pay for the relative affluence of his people in the same way that the US needs its global empire so Mr. and Mrs. Upper Middle Class can buy a second BMW.  Germans did not worry about Jews or Poles or Slavs just as Americans don't worry about Libyans or Syrians or Iraqis or Latin Americans.  We're OK, Jack.
Trump, in his idiotic way, thinks America can go it alone. But   Trump, the child of privilege doesn’t care about Blue Collar Americans – although he appeals to their prejudices. 

Hitler appealed to the prejudices of lower income Germans – but he also cared about raising them up.  That’s because he was one of them. And he wasn't going to go it alone -- which is why he set about creating an empire.

Hitler also orchestrated one of the greatest genocides in history – although some might argue that genocide is really an American thing and he was really attempting to do with typical German efficiency with the Americans did (and do) ever so sloppily on a larger scale, if we count the Indians, the Mexicans, the Filipinos, Hiroshima, Nagasaki and the Tokyo fire bombings, and some 20 million dead people since 1945.
Lest You Forget

So far Trump has only killed a few men, women and children, and that nine year old American girl -- that the Media ignore, preferring to focus on the Navy Seal who got killed fire.   
8 year old American girl shot in head by Navy Seals

Trump hasn’t started any wars -- yet. He has a long way to go to catch up to Hitler – or Barak or Hillary – in the killing business. 

Hitler had a Plan. German "Exceptionalism".  Does   Trump have a plan?


 "Make America Great Again".  Somehow.....

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