Sunday, March 19, 2017

A Smaller America

Small is Good

Downsizing.  Everybody wants a bigger bowl...

Smaller fish do better

Small offers freedom, flexibility, capability.   

Who wants Big, other than insecure males who go for big SUVs as dick extenders ?

Smartphones are replacing PCs. You can put the Library of Congress on a tiny chip.T
You entire Porno collection

That huge zillion square meter factory with its  thousands of workers is now a shed with robots and 3D printing and and three guys in white coats.  Or moved  to  a Third World country using small people, often children, who don't each much and paid nothing.   Those little fingers are agile.

Smaller people eat less and are cheaper

Small has advantages. 

The most successful countries have small populations.  

Switzerland, for example.  Norway. Finland. Iceland.
Happiness = Chocolate

They are happier. Small things like chocolate keep them satisfied.

So why do Americans think big is better for nations?   As I suggested, it is something of a guy thing, the obsession with the size of  our junk.  Women don't care that much.  Vaginas are elastic.  But wait...what about tits?

Let woman run things

But in patriarchal societies, men -- and also ballsy women -- like Margaret Thatcher and the Hillary-- always want "big".  Big cars, big homes, big salaries.  Big countries. Big dicks.   I bet Hillary had a penis transplant.  

Size matters!

Such people, unfortunately run the US of A.  Which is why is so  so dickish. But this dickishness can be a problem.... 

Control, in particular.

Males think with their dicks

If you think with your dick.

Dickish men just want to fuck or fight -- which is why the Women's Council in the Iroquois Nation had the power to dump male chiefs, restraining the raging testosterone of their menfolk.

But of course dickishness can only last so long. That is also why the USSR broke down years ago,  having to acknowledge national ED.   A big dick indeed -- but limp.

Now Russia has half the population that the USSR used to. It's smaller, yes -- and leaner, meaner, and more productive. It performs.  With gains in productivity almost twice that of the US since 2009.

Among other things, size exacerbates the problems of inequality, which chips away at productivity (among other things).

300 million people, fifty states and a global empire --  increasingly low on almost every measure compared to other OECD countries -- but sticking it to the rest of the world as the "indispensable" nation, the US is just too big.  Too big to fail?  Nah, when something is too big to fail, it has already failed.

Now Donald Trump is truly American -- big--overweight -- not too bright.  A blowhard.   Dickish.

Promoted beyond his competence, what are his values?  They are those of the American empire, of course,  -- greed, anger and envy. What matters to him?  Only Orange Lives, I guess.  

Oh, Donald....Oh, America.... Americans obsess about his tiny fingers -- because the ultimate disgrace is not mass murder but a     really a tiny you-know-what ?  

The US killed 20 million people since WWII  to prove it had balls.  Hillary bombed Libya because her penis transplant failed.  

Yes, we slaughtered the Koreans too

No matter, as I have said, dickishness is a disease like leprosy.  First the extremities fall off.  America is going to downsize too, losing chunks of itself.

Trump has Steve Bannon, who does not believe in government at all.   Four years of Bannonism should set the stage.  Another 4 would clinch the deal.  With the Federal government castrated, a war or too maybe, economic collapse and social unrest,  states and local communities will have to step up to survive.I America will become five, six, perhaps eight independent countries.  At least.

Predatory capitalism – its everyone for themselves.  Survival of the fittest --or luckiest.   The dumbest and unluckiest die.

Not every new American country will be equally successful.  But hey --ho needs Arkansas or Missouri?

You and I and the Joneses down the street will have to educate ourselves and adapt.   We must be watchful.
Be watchful

Now we will have a real purpose in life -- survival, not just agonizing over whether Nikes are better than Reebooks.     
In future,  America will become five, six, perhaps eight independent countries.  At least. 

It will take a while for those new republics to get organized -- it took the Russians a decade or two.   And some of its former republics did not do so well on their own -- like the Ukraine -- which is now also becoming smaller, breaking down according to language and culture. 

In the case of the US , you can expect something similar.  States may also break down  in to smaller units.  You may have City States -- New York or Los Angele.  You may have Black Homelands, homegrown black zionism.  

The Indian peoples may become nations again. 

For sure there will be unrest, violence.  

But after the dust settles,   the world will be happier.  No more   global empire.  No more Marines raping little girls in Okinawa.  
Maybe some of those aircraft carriers can be turned into cruise ships.

Will the Savage Canucks invade from the North?  Will the Mexicans sully the virtue of your daughters in the South?

Somehow I doubt it. 

Nobody really knows. 

What we do know is that the center will not hold.


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