Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Trudeau and Trump -- Beavis and Butthead?

Is it that we want to be lied to?

Perhaps.  But it is probably more accurate to say that people cannot bear too much reality.  Religion used to be the opiate of the masses -- now, it's TV and Facebook.  
We love Pink.  We hate Pinkos.

So, we love Justin Trudeau -- and hate Trump.

Trudeau tells us what we want to hear. What he says is fake -- the stuff we want to believe, true or not.  It is like sugar --  empty calories. it does not rot our teeth - just our minds and our souls.
What Justin Looks Like Without Makeup

Trump, however, is bitter. In an odd way, he is honest because he lies so obviously.  His is a harsh reality that we cannot ignore. We desperately want a liberal democrat who shield us from the world -- an Obama -- or a Trudeau.
Peace President

In this sense, Obama was more dangerous than Trump.  No, he didn't strand Muslims in airports - he just killed them -- by the thousands, men, women and children, leaving many others maimed.  Oh, give us your homeless -- but not your maimed. 

And....as Roger Jordan writes: 

 Canada’s refugee policy only appears “generous” in comparison with Trump’s reactionary anti-immigrant measure. In reality, the Liberal government’s much ballyhooed intake of 25,000 Syrian refugees comprised only a tiny fraction of the millions forced to flee their homes as a result of “regime change” wars that the US, with Canada’s support, has led and instigated in the greater Middle East, from Libya to Afghanistan.

The majority of the Syrian refugees accepted by the Trudeau government in 2015-16 were privately sponsored by churches, charities and refugee-support groups. All were subjected to a strict screening process, which included close collaboration with the US Department of Homeland Security and the exclusion of all single men on the claim that they posed a greater threat to security.
Many who did not make the cut have been left languishing in overcrowded refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon and other countries.

Those accepted into Canada face an uphill battle. Reports have emerged of many of the 25,000 Syrians being forced to rely on food banks and donations from charities.

In violation of international law, Canada also routinely detains undocumented child refugees indefinitely in “medium-security prisons.”

And unbeknownst to most Canadians, Canadian warships, under the previous Harper government and now Trudeau’s Liberals, have participated in NATO patrols of the Aegean Sea aimed at enforcing the European Union’s brutal policy towards refugees, thousands of whom die each year attempting to cross into Europe by sea.

Trudeau is more dangerous to Canada than Stephen Harper could ever be.   Because people buy into his scam and won't resist --until the shit really hits the fan.  With Harper you knew what you were getting.
Canada's Contribution to Yemen

It is so easy to like Trudeau He is handsome. He has pretty kids, a beautiful wife. He wears pink, without being a Pinko. His name is...um... "Justin".   Yes, like Bieber.  (Well, at least it's not "Kevin".) 

Trudeau always says the right things -- even when they are totally wrong -- or a a tad exaggerated.

Refugees are of course a good example of the gap between words and actions.

Or take Trudeau's support of the NeoNazi takeover in the Ukraine. 

He supports Poroshenko's fascist goons in Kiev -- in the name of Liberty, Freedom and resistance to Vladmir Putin, a dictatorial "thug", democratically elected and apparently much loved by his people.    Canadian Ukrainians, many of them, many of whose grandparents were Nazis or Nazi collaborators applaud and the Media cheer. After that Trudeau goes on to sell weapons to the Saudis so they bomb villages in the Yemen. 
Ukranian NeoNazis in WWII.  

Trudeau is  Barak Obama 2.0.  There are differences, of course. Obama has black skin and a white soul.  Trudeau has white skin and a black soul.  Obama played golf and Justin does yoga.  He's a Barbie Doll leader.  OK, a Ken doll.  Just pull the string at the back of neck and he will say something  that sounds cool.

Plastic fantastic. But we love our toys. And what are politicians but playthings.

As you must blame the American people for Obama, so too blame the Canadian people for Trudeau.   The demand was there for somebody like this made for TV Sitcom Leader, and the Liberals gave it to us. 
Leave it to Beaver -- that's Justin. 
Butthead and Beaver..er... Beavis

 Leave it to Butthead -- that's Trump.

Yes, the electorate gets the leaders it deserves -- Beaver or Butthead.  In the end, we just like it up the ass. Anal is a thing these days. 

With anal, there is always a little shit. While Trudeau pretends to be liberal,  the sticky brown stuff on his policies, often mistaken for a fossil fuel is just neoliberal shit-- which is not that different from neo conservative shit.    

With Trudeau, it's fifty shades of pink.   But you still have to bend over.  Never mind baby, it won't hurt at the time -- only when you get hemorrhoids later..

Justin will legalize marijuana, you say.   Well, that was pretty much legal anyway, with everyone and their granny growing it.  

In the end,  big corporations will dominate weed sales.  It will marketed, taxed, maybe even advertised on TV.  Like Trump, Trudeau likes big business.  They give him money.

Other stuff, he just wants to leave to the provinces just as Trump wants to leave it to the states.

Abortion rights, for example -- which some provinces don't provide at all.   women. Health insurance? Yup, Canadians are proud of single payer -- but it still doesn't cover dentistry or drugs as in some other countries.  

Education?  Cheaper than in the US.  But, hey, we're working to keep up -- and to turn it into a meaningless ritual without content  -- the equivalent of Greek and Latin in the 19th Century, a mark of money and class rather than intelligence.


Canada has a declining population.  It needs immigrants but it vets immigrants very carefully .  Trump, of course, is in favor of "extreme" vetting.  A lot of differences between the US and Canada are merely differences of degree.

Which is pretty much the same for  Trump and Trudeau.
Trudeau likes pipelines of dirty oil.  Trump does too.

Trudeau says the right words about climate Change -- but is doing nothing about it - in fact, making it worse with the pipelines.  

Trump says the wrong words about Climate Change but is really concerned it might  affect his golf courses. 

On the other hand, while Trump is older, doesn't give a fuck, is crude and rude and probably really believes in America First, Trudeau is younger, slicker, politically correct -- and only believes in Trudeau First.

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