Monday, January 23, 2017

The Honesty of Donald Trump

Why is Donald Trump hated?
 Probably because he is the most honest man to occupy the Presidency--ever.  I was going to say the “most honest politician” but that's an oxymoron.  

His honesty comes from being a political neophyte.Americans hate him because they want to be lied to.They want a President whose inaugural will talk about freedom and liberty and upholding the principle of the Founders.   They want rhetoric – not straight talk.That’s not Donald Trump. WYSIWYG. Whoops! 

 So,  Trump often contradicts himself.  He lacks the skill of an Obama or Clinton – or even a George Bush – to cover-up contradictions with rhetoric. We want our politicians to look like they know what they are doing.   That means consistency.  But since our leaders are not really in control and don't really have much of a handle on anything but maybe a golf club and react to events on a day to day basis following the advice of career bureaucrats and others with their own agendas, everything needs to be stage managed artfully.  

That's why Obama, one of the worst Presidents in the last century, left office with high popularity ratings -- respected it seems by the American people despite being not just a failure in office but a war criminal and murderer.    By contrast Putin seems like a truthteller.

With Obama, liberal Americans could ignore the world going to hell in a handbasket. He put on a good show.  They loved his blackness, ignoring his whiteness --since that allowed them to deny the racism that destroys so many black lives. 
They loved his family.    And by family I mean his black White House family -- not his white or African relatives. 

The American people loved Obama even though he took pride in killing "terrorists" like the child in the photo.

And, of course , they loved him most of all for just being a handsome man, tall and lean --and being chubby with a silly comb-over.  

Trump?  Just doesn't look the part.  He doesn't know what the fuck he's doing from moment to moment.  And he's unashamed.  
Yeah, he's going to gut healthcare -- which will force the states to step in and institute single payer.  All you need is for California to do it and the rest of the country will follow.  That's how Canada got single payer.   One obscure province started in and it was so successful, the other provinces had to adopt it, too.

Trump will renegotiate NAFTA.  A wrong turn and he could plunge the US and the world into recession.   On the other hand, NAFTA was always a flawed agreement and now the Canadians and Mexicans will have to face the realities of the status quo, which has been becoming increasingly unworkable. 

Trump will recognize Jerusalem as the the capital of Israel and effectively put the already dead Two State Solution in the grave.   Good. Let the lines be drawn clearly.    But it does not bode well for how the world will see Zionism in the future.  

Trump is the proverbial bull in the China Shop.  But the China Shop needs to go anyway.   And something else will be built after the bull is taken out and turned into hamburger.   

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