Monday, January 30, 2017

America -- the House that Donald Wrecked

Here in Tokyo, houses have short lives.  They depreciate to zero value in just 20 years.  And they are constructed in a way which makes it hard to rebuild or refurbish them once they have reached that 20 year limit.  

The best thing to do with an old house is just to tear it down and rebuild it.

The US is like an old house.  There is no point in trying to rebuild it. In any case, the original construction had too much wrong with it. Oh, you can make it marginally liveable with little fixes here and there, the social and political equivalents of new floors or ceilings or lights or whatever but you still have rats in the ceilings and cock roaches behind the walls, and one day it's just going to collapse in high wind.

So it's better to tear the whole thing down and build  something that actually suits the lives and lifestyles of the people who are going to live there.   The problem is that people are used to that house, its deficiencies notwithstanding.  They're lazy. And actually they don't own the house anymore.  It may be home -- but they rent.  
America belongs to the Rich -- a class of slum landlords.  

Now, however,  we have Trump, who is a breaker who will destroy the house, with no way of rebuilding it.  

He doesn't really live in the USA that most of us know -- he lives in some other world. He really is a slum landlord but he wants to tear the place down and kick you out.

That’s bad news in the short term -- especially for the young --but looking to the future -- good news.  Yes, there is a future.

Sure, people are going to be homeless and need shelter -- so they are going to have to do something -- like: occupy that vacant lot and get together and build and say fuck you to the Landlords.    

It won't be easy. 

It will require solidarity, civil disobedience. And you can expect violence one side or another.  But the People are Many.  The Rich are Few.

What will be built.  A new house with a lot of rooms?  Several smaller houses?  An apartment house?

Will the Union break into several smaller countries?  Will the Union transform into a federation?

One thing is sure people will need a new parties and new ideologies to replace the regressive and repressive capitalism of neo\- liberalism.

They should not look to the Founders for guidance but to the Jacobins.  

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