Monday, December 12, 2016

Are YOU an Idiot?

It's quick & easy
Like a lot of people, I start my day with coffee and a quick check of Google News to see what's happening.

Unlike most people, I then go on to check other news services in the non-aligned world, Sputnik News, RT, Telesur and son on, to see what's really happening.


 And here are some photos to back all this up:

Assad Burning People Alive?
Civilians Fleeing Deeper Into Rebel Held Enclaves?  (Reuters)
OK.  Assad is a monster. Massive War Crimes!  Something must be done!  Send in the Marines!

But now jump to RT.  

Granted RT is bad, bad, bad.  They gave Julian Assange is own TV show and give Snowden a forum.  Olive Stone likes them.  Bad, bad, bad. 


Ok. That was pretty convincing. A quick look at various news reports shows people fleeing rebel held areas, with the rebels using civilians as "human shields" and executing those who try to run.  

Could it be that the two photos above which are used to allege Syrian Army atrocities actually show people trying to escape to Government lines?    After all, what interest would the Government forces have in killing innocents -- and thus providing the rebels with more recruits?  Daesh has a different philosophy -- and so too Al Qaeda. 

Now, it is natural that the Russians are happy that Aleppo has fallen.  It is also natural -- given its established position of hoping for Libya Redux -- that the US is not happy.

But if you are the kind of person who turns on the TV and tunes into CNN -- or just reads Google News for "facts" - -you are an idiot.  You probably thought Saddam's troops threw babies out of incubators so they could get a good lie down and a spot of rest (why else would they do it?). Or Gaddafi gave his troops viagra to rape local girls and turn the peaceful Libyans against him, as if troops ever needed a drug to get it up in the first place.


You probably thought Hillary was going to win the US election, too. And that the Brits wouldn't vote for Brexit.

Why are you always wrong?



If you want "facts" you have to shop around.  Look for the opposite point of view.  Look for contradictions.

Takes a bit of time -- maybe a few minutes. 

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