Sunday, October 30, 2016

War in Heaven. The Donald vs The Hillary


As you know from the Media, Trump is the Devil, Satan.  I agree completely. That makes Hillary the Voice of Heaven. Yup, yup, yup.

Angel of Heaven

Sure, Hillary might seem to be corrupt, if not psychopathic.  But let us not be quick to judge. Hillary's Plan is known only to Hillary just as God’s Plan is known only to God, right?  Even if she looks wrong, she must be right -- because that's how these things work. It's the same with the Old Testament God, Old Testy, who was prone to murderous fits of rage.  You gotta have Faith!
Hillary never saw a war she didn’t love.  She giggles at men being raped with knives, as Gaddafi was.  

What? They raped him with a knife.  Ha Ha! What I always wanted to do to Bill.

God was cool with the flood, pestilences, wiping out whole cities, including women and children.  Trust that genocide and getting a bayonet up your rectum will prove virtuous at the end of history and Heaven will smile on you.
Have faith in God but don't trust Him

Returning to Trump and Satan, what did the Evil One (you choose which one is the Evil One) do wrong?  Well, he (whichever one)  committed the sin of Pride and not recognizing Heavenly authority. In general, Satan committed a lot fewer crimes against humanity than Hillary and Trump none at all.
God gave Satan Free Will and then kicked him out for using it
Keep in mind the Devil never makes anyone do anything bad – he can't because we all have Free Will. We choose.  Satan is just Heaven’s Gaoler. No more a criminal than a prison warden. 

To understand this, you have to either get drunk or read John Milton’s Paradise Lost – which is the US Election in a nut shell, written by one of the very first political pundits, which is to say, someone narrow minded and not too bright, who is virtually blind.
John Milton on OK Cupid

Milton was  a nutcase and the poem is long and boring, which is why they make you read it in College where nothing is prescribed reading that is not mind-numbing and turgid --all to prepare you for life in the Real World.  

Milton,  really is a drag. Therefore he must be profound   
Hillary has all the entertainment value of three day old banana peel. And only laughs at rectal rape. Umm...profound, too.
Politics and politicians are boring

Why are the virtuous so...humorless?

Satan?  Lucifer?   Never boring.
Lucifer (aka Satan) Fox TV

Trump? Kinda fun.
Politics is fun if you don't count on winning

Hillary lovers -- like Milton or the guy who teaches him in college -- they all hate fun.

Trump is --and always has been ... an entertainer.

He was also once a Clinton favorite.  Just as Satan, according to Milton, was God’s favorite until he started getting uppity.  Bill used to like talk dirty with the Donald on the Golf Course.  Did Satan and God play golf on the Heavenly Course?   Did they talk dirty?   Did God suggest Satan get political?  Did Bill suggest Donald go into politics? 
So you grabbed her by the Pussy,, Rudy?  And then?

There's a lot of overlap between spiritual matters and the political, as you can see.

For example,  God occasionally got down and dirty, as with Mary, Joseph’s wife.   That’s the advantage of creating the Law – you are exempt from it.  

In this world,  Hillary is above the Law --otherwise her cell would be next to Chelsea Manning's. Those are the benefits of having the mandate of Heaven.
If justice prevailed

Trump will fail, as Satan did.  Sorta…. Meaning, he will fail but also win.

Satan’s Rebellion ended with the Devil getting his own realm – Hell – where bad people, non-believers, artists and rock guitarists go.  All the fun people. The interesting people.   

You want to spend Eternity in Church when you can barely make it through the Sermon once a month?
Is Church fun?

If you are a Puritan or similar fundamentalist Christian, you think that most people end up in the Fires, which was all decided before you were born .  God: eeny meeny miny mo you're the one to go.

It's also very American– most things are decided by things beyond your control before you are born. So most of us are condemned in one way or another.  

That's a relief for me.  The really cool places are in basements with no signs and doors with peepholes, inside all red light with smarmy men and womenYou get to enjoy yourself (all enjoyment is sinful) and it's not your fault!
Another door to hell

One wonders where all those miscreants who end up in Hell went to before?  Remember earlier I said God always has a PlanSatan’s rebellion  was clearly part of the Creator's Scheme --because the Bible says God is responsible for everything -- including heavenly gentrification.

I am pretty sure He encouraged Satan, the best and brightest of his angels to rebel.

A lot of people think that Bill encouraged Trump to run, hoping that that would make Hillary look better than Bill knew Hillary was.  Keep in mind that Bill has seen Hillary naked. And that was enough to drive into the arms of Monica.
Hillary's bid for authenticity

America thrives on dichotomies.  Good vs Evil.  God vs the Devil. White people against Black People.  And these things are always supported in …um.. black and white  by some form of Scripture.. The Bible, CNN, MSNBC.  In the beginning was the Word….  A Sound Bite.


 “Jesus loves you / the Bible tells you so”.

Trump is Satan / the Media tell you so. 

Trump is perfect for the role.  Like Satan, he doesn't care too much about facts.  He says whatever seems to work at the moment.  Satan was called the Great Deceiver. Trump -- a Serial Liar. Nah, they just like to say shit.

Trump is a naive nativist, populist and right wing libertarian.  Satan too.  The Evil One didn’t like the Establishment, which was Heaven, of course, with its hierarchy and rules and angelic bureaucracy. He didn't like it -- even though he belonged to it as much as Trump belongs to the Establishment that he rails against.  Lucifer believed in Free Will -- impossible to exercise in a Creation regulated by Biblical rules --with exceptions for God and a select few Angels, like the ones that Genesis tells us came down and screwed "the daughters of men".
Did Satan ever think he could win against his Creator, the All Powerful, who knew all, saw all, even before the NSA . How could he dare to challenge an Almighty who was not so much Good as Ruthless?  

Satan was a romantic.  He knew he couldn't win.

Did Trump think he could win?   Nope. Another hopeless romantic.

Then again, winning  wasn't really the point of Satan's Rebellion -- nor Trump's.

If Satan had won he would have become God.  What fun would that be?   Same old, same old.

If Trump became President? .... You get the idea. 

One thing is sure, that the rebellion of Satan produced the semblance of  change.  At the very least, God needed some new PR, which came in the form of Jesus.  The meek and mild, loving manifestation of the abusive Father.  God condemns you. Jesus saves you. 
The same guy who gave us the Flood, pestilence and destroyed whole cities of kids like this.

Trump will also force the  Spin Industry to reconsider its messaging. He has raised valid questions.  Like:  is nuclear war really OK?   Is it OK for the Rich and Powerful to be above the Law?  

If you are God ,you are responsible for death and destruction -- just like Hillary.  Satan never had a taste for killing -- just apples.  Trump doesn't like wars -- just pussy.    But Hillary is going to have to reinvent herself, just as God did.
Milton would disagree with my argument -- just like most of my friends. But George Bernard Shaw, a much better writer, almost as good as Stan Lee, is in my corner....

THE DEVIL [gallantly] Ah, senora, do not be anxious. You come to us from earth, full of the prejudices and terrors of that priest-ridden place. You have heard me ill spoken of; and yet, believe me, I have hosts of friends there. 

ANA Yes: you reign in their hearts. 

THE DEVIL [shaking his head] You flatter me, senora; but you are mistaken. It is true that the world cannot get on without me; but it never gives me credit for that: in its heart it mistrusts and hates me. Its sympathies are all with misery, with poverty, with starvation of the body and of the heart. I call on it to sympathize with joy, with love, with happiness, with beauty -

 People won't vote for Trump.  Not because he is a libertarian - but because he is a libertine.

Vote for Hillary?   Nah...

  Don’t vote. Go back to Eden. Chill out. Eat an apple. 

Ever eat a apple?  You're a sinner


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