Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Corbyn Quits. God Runs

Just in:

Jez’ Corbyn has resigned.

And God has decided to run for Labour Leader.

Vote Jez-Us

Naturally, the Media has called foul.

The Guardian, the Telegraph and the Independent all ran opinion pieces opposing the election of God as Labour Leader.

Some of their points.
•    God is too old.
•    God is an extremist.
•    God is anti-Semitic.
•    God is not British.
•    God is not one person – but three – so ineligible.
•    God opposes war.
•    God would raise taxes

Who Said God Is Not Cool?

95% of the Parliamentary Labour Party said they would not join God’s Shadow Cabinet.

The Tory party said that God should not get involved in politics.  One MP was heard to say, “Why couldn’t God just stay dead?”.

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