Saturday, September 24, 2016

Vote Trump To Elect Stein?

What if Trump wins?

Let’s suppose that Donald Trump is elected President and tries to follow through on his promises to his rightwing supporters.  Tax giveways to the rich, say.  Or weakening of national safety regulations protecting water supplies and the environment.   Stricter immigration enforcement, including deportations.   There is a long list of things he has suggested he might do.

    Of course, we don’t really know.  Looking at Trump’s record – he has been all over the map and does not appear to be an ideolog.    Of course, he is also a narcissist and, to that extent, controlled by his twin constituencies -- his "base" -- and his rich, privileged friends.  So, yeah, he could veer hard right.

Trump and friends

    As a leftist, I’m not worried that much.

    First of all, a lot of the things  that the antediluvian right advocates are already national policy!  No, we haven’t gutted environmental protections – not exactly – but we have workarounds in place so can frack all over the place and destroy water resources and people’s health in quite a big way.  Only low oil prices keep it in check.

Aerial view of fracking sites

     We are far behind other countries in programs to develop “green” infrastructure.

Baoding China

     Immigration?   The abuses are well documented.  

After the US coup in Honduras, the US deported Honduran child refugees

     Inequality.  The rich already have workarounds so they don’t pay taxes.   

     But here’s the deal.  

     With a democrat as President, such as Obama,   people excuse his veering to the right with , “Yes, it’s bad – but it would be worse under a Republican. “  

      Which takes the wind out of progressive activism.  You're with us or you are against us.

      What exactly improved under Obama?

      Oh, healthcare?


      Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, the Ukraine?   

The UK spend 13 times more bombing Libya than it did rebuilding after WWII

      How lucky we are to have Putin to save our ass and prevent WW3.

      You get the point.

      Obama and Clinton are Faux Liberal.  Or maybe Faux Right.  Take your pick. Faux Faux?  No matter....

      With Trump in power, suddenly the lines might be clearer.

       And if he failed -- the failures would be domestic -- businessmen like Trump -- and  unlike Hillary -- are not into war.   Domestic failures would  not be incremental, as with the Democrats, they would catastrophic enough to affect ordinary people's lives pushing them out of the comfort zone.

  Yes, people DO have the power!

   Vote Trump so you can vote Stein.


Friday, September 23, 2016

You are the Problem

You manufacture media lies

Contrary to what Chomsky thinks propaganda does not “manufacture” consent – it merely affirms (your) existing bias.

 In the very beginning, when I started this blog, I pointed out that “propaganda” -- aka , “advertising”, “public relations” or “public diplomacy”—rarely “persuades” in the sense that most people assume.   
All Persuasion is Hypnotic

Think:   hypnosis.  Nobody can hypnotize anyone else without their consent or force them to do anything that contradicts your basic values – there is always a part of you that knows what is going on. 

Misinformation?   What if the government lies to you?  What if the media lie?  Doesn’t control of information mean control of public perception ?  

No.  Because such control is difficult, if not impossible -- especially in the age of the Internet.  Back in Pre-Internet days?...
Media Control?

People talked then.  And they still do.

Real control can be seen only in family and friends -- and usually not just there either.  You grow up with certain assumptions and preconceptions that condition everything else.  And some of these "mental frames" (as George Lakoff would have it) are centuries old.

Our brains are set up for deception.  We all lie. The biggest lie being the concept of Self --whose contradictions we are always aware of.
Lies make social interaction possible

Makeup is a lie.  A pushup bra' is a lie.  A shirt and tie are a lie.  

That said, social life also  demands that we read between the lines -- that we detect the lies of others and the effects our lies have on them -- so reality doesn't come and hit us over the head.   

Media lies are a lot easier to handle the lies of Mommy and Daddy, where we have an emotional investment.
The truth always comes out -- but do you care?

In any case, media lies are inevitably exposed.  A   Remember the Gulf of Tonkin?   Those elusive WMDs in the Iraq War?  Syria’s supposed use of sarin gas, more recently?   Russian “aggression” in the Ukraine?  Sometimes it takes a long time -- but, in the end, we find out.  

In the 19th Century, white people all knew that the "redskins" were "savages".  "The only good Indian is a dead one". And so on.  Nowadays, we have a different understanding of events -- not that that changes the way we treat Native Americans.  Old habits, like genocide,  die hard.   

Facts and truth and right and wrong have little to do with what we want to believe.

Despite all the evidence to the contrary,  for example, Trump’s core supporters believe Climate Change is a hoax.   It is easy to understand why they think so -- the Government takes about Climate Change as an impending cataclysm while supporting Big Oil, fracking and oil pipelines.  The science is not a hoax -- but liberal "initiatives" certainly are.
Coming soon:  Trump will fix the weather

Trump probably disagrees since a lot of his properties are built on the ocean – but he is not going to say anything that alienates his “base”.   Not now, anyway. Later he may address "climate change" but call it something else. "Climate disruption". After all, he stands to lose money if he doesn't.

If he becomes president,  Trump will have destroyed the Democratic Establishment-- and will command a different "base".  

The media?  Ummm... me?

We are whores.  We deliver  what people want.  We tells you what you want to hear.  That’s how we make money.

The government does what people want—that’s how it stays in power.  Oh, for an honest whore!

No, people are not sheeple!
Me and My Friends

We are more like monkeys.  Lazy, resistant to any change, which might mean work.

We get the world that we want.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Corbyn Quits. God Runs

Just in:

Jez’ Corbyn has resigned.

And God has decided to run for Labour Leader.

Vote Jez-Us

Naturally, the Media has called foul.

The Guardian, the Telegraph and the Independent all ran opinion pieces opposing the election of God as Labour Leader.

Some of their points.
•    God is too old.
•    God is an extremist.
•    God is anti-Semitic.
•    God is not British.
•    God is not one person – but three – so ineligible.
•    God opposes war.
•    God would raise taxes

Who Said God Is Not Cool?

95% of the Parliamentary Labour Party said they would not join God’s Shadow Cabinet.

The Tory party said that God should not get involved in politics.  One MP was heard to say, “Why couldn’t God just stay dead?”.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

God Endorses Corbyn

God has endorsed Jeremy Corbyn.

God: the Orignal Backbencher

A representative angel from Heaven’s PR office, said that while the Almighty generally doesn’t get involved in politics earth side, He thought that somebody had to come out on Jez’ side.

"How about Jesus?”, a reporter asked of the angel who checking his wings for soot..

There Are Rumours About Jez-us
“Oh, since His policies and Jez’ are almost identical, y'know caring for your fellow man and the like.

Jesus is a big Corbyn fan, too. And Jesus likes UB40”. The angel did not appear to like Press Conferences.  He was overheard saying, "Hell has more class".

The reporters immediately turned to questions about Jesus's views on pop culture.  "What does He think was going to happen next in Game of Thrones?"

After the News Conference, the UK press responded immediately to Heaven's endorsement of the Labour Leader:
         Jesus Doesn't Watch Game of Thrones!

In addition, there was single article which was reprinted by all the wire services.  It noted that God cares for everybody --even deluded old people who ride bikes and wear old jackets..  

      God Sympathetic To Geriatric Nobodies

In the newspapers, it was on a back page, along with articles on the sex life of Armadillos. On web pages, it was at the bottom with "Online Dating Secrets". 

Heaven responded that Jez' was in no way deluded.  And neither was God. 

The Media were quick to respond -- in their usual way. Articles appeared  focusing on sex abuse in the Catholic Church, the decline of church attendance, and the rise of Atheist “churches”. And why priests wear dresses.

         Is Christianity in Decline?  

There were several articles on the rise of religiosity in Russia and photos of Vladmir Putin with Orthodox Priests. 

      Putin Is A Christian

And several articles mentioned that Muslims believed in Jesus too. Which means.....

      Muslim Terrorists Love Jesus

The Parliamentary Labour Party issued a statement regretting that the All-Knowing was so “woefully misinformed”.  And suggested that, anyway,  in a general election “no one is voting for God”.

The Labour Party's ruling body backed them up, suggesting that new members who identified as Christians would be prevented from voting, in the same say that members with Tory affiliations would be disallowed. 

The Guardian’s headline?

     God Unelectable

 JK Rowling?  

      God is no Dumbledore 

The Conservative Party:

    Time to Privatize Heaven
Heaven Could Be So Much More

Monday, September 5, 2016

Corbyn and the Media

A recent YouGov poll in the UK says that a majority of the public believes that the Media is biased in its treatment of the AntiChrist…er…Jeremy Corbyn.


In the US, the Media is just as clearly biased .  In fact,  they have not one but two targets as the Personification of Evil -- Donald Trump and  Vladimir Putin.  

However, while the  average American “liberal” or "educated conservative"  say they do not  really trust the media,   he (she)  tends to accept the bias of the media narrative where it matches their own.   No, education and social status do not correlated with any capacity for critical thinking. 
Now, Jeremy Corbyn is a mild mannered older person who rides a bicycle, talks like an ordinary guy (i.e. not a politician)  and is unfailing polite.   His proposals to change the UK are pretty much commonsense – radical only in the sense that they offer change and imply --quelle horreur-- higher taxes for the well-off.  No, he doesn’t look like Satan. No horns or tail anyway.  So the media's story is so far off as to be acceptable only to fantasy writers like JK Rowling.

Trump, of course, is bombastic and provocative – and the hair?   The Donald thumbs his nose at liberal convention. He is an attention-getter and he doesn’t care if the Media hates him.   His mere existence is a finger up the ass of all that Liberals – and a lot of conservatives, too – hold dear.  He is crude and rude by design – and therefore easy to demonize.  The hair sums it up.

Putin?    Why is he Evil?  
Simple. He’s Russian.  

‘Nuff said.

You will notice that while Trump is often referred to as a buffoon or nutcase, this is not the case with Vlad'.   Trump is still one of ours.  So barring outright treason, we must think of excuses for his behavior. 

Putin?  Just black, black bad. No offense to black lives matter.

Besides, in  the movies, the Bad Guys are Russians with Brit accents -- they do not have orange hair.

Russians are clearly Other, which is another way of saying Evil.

Are there any Russian Take-Outs?   Nah.  Mexican, yeah.  And you can order Italian and Chinese.  But Russian?  Russian take-out is kidnapping and murder.

 In the US, the closest thing we have to Jeremy Corbyn  is Jill Stein.  Stein is not demonized.   That is because, at less than 5% of the vote, she is not a threat, merely an annoyance who can be effectively merely dismissed as a kook.  Remember she is one of ours.  
Corbyn though….?

He was dismissed as a retrograde old nutter for years-- which, ironically, got him  into in the leadership race. Totally dismissable and ignorable.

"Nobody will vote for him", the neoliberal Labour honchos thought when they had the brilliant idea of running him for party leader.   Perfect to show off the “diversity” of views accepted in the Labour Party. 
But things were getting bad in the UK.  And now the PLP has buyer's remorse.

Labour supporters wanted change. And Corbyn was the only candidate offering that. At least -- the only one who seemed honest.  Corbyn is a  plain talker, authentic and the other candidates were promising same-old Thatcher-lite,  Blairism -- the stuff that had gotten Labour trounced in the last election, the usual platitudes and lies.

So Labour overwhelming voted Corbyn,    And the party now seems set to vote many of their Old Guard MPs out, as if the Chilcot Report actually mattered.

Either you are for change – or you aren’t.   That attitude scares the establishment.     First Brexit. Now Corbyn. 

Mostly people fear change.  Until shit hits the fan.  

With either Clinton or Trump in charge, things can only get worse.  With Clinton -- much worse.  

So, maybe there is hope for Jill Stein yet.