Wednesday, August 3, 2016

American Socialism: End Times

All Western countries are socialist.  

Traditional socialism was a Labor movement empowering the working class and unions.  And it was remarkably successful –it gave us a huge middle class, improved healthcare and education.  The rich took notice – and appropriated the idea for their exclusive use.

Nowadays, modern socialism empowers the ruling class – cradle to grave – adding to their considerable privilege.  Think about it: who benefits most from your tax money?  When was the last time that a Hedge Fund manager ended up sleeping on park bench?  What exactly is "too big to fail"?

The Few provide us with just enough to keep us comfortable, just as Rome’s patricians did for the Plebeians – drawing upon the resources of empire.

Oh, we are happy.  Bread and circuses – or hamburgers and TV. And a lot of masturbation.

Paid for by the sweat of some 10-year girl working 12 hours a day in Bangladesh.

Why do “We the People” permit this?

Because we are lazy.

We are still what we evolved to be 5000 years ago.  We want to fill our stomachs, fuck, relax, play and sleep.  As Paleolithic hunters, we did not have governments.  Nobody owned anything – it was just us and our mates, looking after each other.

You cannot expect ‘change’ until you:
•    get hungry
•    feel disconnected and fearful
•    cannot play or relax

 But the Middle Class is now the Precariat.  Things are getting worse and worse.

Ordinary people are looking up at the Patricians and asking why they can’t have socialism too.  

In the case of the Romans, the Plebeians just opened the gates to the Barbarians and that was that.  The Equestrians -- the Roman version of our white liberal class -- were slaughtered.

The Jacobins had their solution --as did revolutionaries in Russia.   Justice?   What goes ‘round, comes ‘round. Inevitably -- in these situations of generalized public violence -- people die -- usually liberals, the semi-affluent.  Of course, people are already dying– in foreign lands. 

The Poor?  They are always dying.

In the US, Hillary is the last gasp of American Upper Class socialism -- aka "neoliberalism".

So,Trump is not a politician.  He is a Sign.  A lot of people are not happy.   What goes ‘round, comes ‘round.

Do I see dead people in America's future?  Yes, a lot.

Real social change is not gradual.  It is a sudden mutation.   Those that adapt, survive. Most therefore become extinct. There is always a Tipping Point.  And that will be soon.

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