Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Trump -- Its Rigged

It might sound that I am supporter of Donald Trump.  I am not. If I were going to support anyone, it would be Jill Klein.   What I am attacking in this blog is really neoliberalism, not just in the US but worldwide.
Voting for a system

The only thing Trump has going for him, from my point of view, is his anti-establishment bias.How that would translate into action is anyone’s guess – but it has already caused meltdown in the GOP, which will never be the same again.   Then again Trump never cared a whit about the GOP -- or parties in general -- he's a populist.

No matter what Trump’s fortunes, he has changed the GOP for the better.Can he do the same for the US? Perhaps not.  But there is at least chance with him – and none with the “Hillary”.   There is more with Bernie Sanders, of course.  But Bernie seems to have missed the boat, with Obama n and the Media pre-emptively congratulating Hillary.  As Trump points out the "system" is rigged.

Bern & Jerry's?

Who is the real villain.  First, the "people" who vote or don't vote (mostly) to enable the "system".

Then, more conspicuous,  which is how they make their money -- conspicuousness and pretension   is the MM.   

No, not M&Ms  which  are supposed to melt in your mouth but usually melt in your pockets the Mainstream Media, which, in its official role as the propaganda arm of the Corporatocracy.  MM also stands for Mother Muckers make it very difficult to see things in perspective, with their constant invective and shitslinging.
What goes in must come out

The MM do not provide informational nutrition -- just shit.

News, news ...could  propaganda by another name  stink as much?

In the UK, the mild-mannered, gentlemanly Jeremy Corbyn is held up as the newest incarnation of Lucifer.How does he carry an AK47 and a bomb on that bicycle of his? 
Corbyn hates people who walk

Russia.... Vladimir Putin who almost single handedly breathed life back into the cold dead corpse of his country   is routinely caricatured as a latter-day Hitler, a thug, a criminal -- and (recently, quelle horreur!) a cat lover. 
Will he eat it?

And...it is by extension clearly the case with Donald Trump, who is routinely called a bully, a blowhard, a racist, a bigot, a sexist, a demagogue, a fascist  -- and (snigger) a man with mall hands and therefore (by, as it were,  non-extension) a small wee-wee.

The tiny wee--wee clinches it --  would you want Trump to hold the nuclear keys?

Definitely not.  Better to have Hillary who has already had her hand in starting three or four wars and thinks a nuclear war with Russia might just be winnable!   

Thank you MM for making it all so clear. 

Trump cleverly targets the Media. He catches the shit and throws it back. His basic message:  the System is rigged.

That -- we all know.

Take Trump's controversial comments about Judge Curiel, the Mexican-American judge overseeing the suit against Trump university, which is pushed by a law firm that  paid the Hillary and Bill $675,000 for speeches 

Trump has been accused of racism.  Of course.

But he has also dominated the news for a whole week.

Now as Obama trumpets the Hillary's not-yet "win" as the Democratic nominee -- Trump is pivoting -- or divoting you might say -- but saying, "I'm not racist" but I think the System is Rigged".

"This comes at the exact moment that Hillary is declaring her win although 
  • the results of the California primary with 15% of American voters have not been released
  • the FBI has not completed its investigation of her email snafu
Ordinary people are busy.  They have lives.  They simplify things. Yes, rigged, rigged, rigged.

Judge Curiel just got attention. Like a tabloid headline.

Further down the road, Trump can make nice with black voters and Hispanic voters.    

Keep in mind it is the  Democrats who have  done actual and measurable harm blacks and Hispanics.  

Of course,  the Media has “perspective” with regard to such matters. So you will also hear little about  the Hillary’s and Obama’s long record of offenses against people of color.  And even less about what are quite clearly war crimes -- also mostly against non-whites  

Oh yes, the size of Trump's wee-wee is more important.
We will never have Mother Mucker pundits referring to Hillary and Obama as murderers, psychopaths, frauds, liars, bullies, and opportunists and cat lovers.  umm...neoliberal extremists. No one contemplates the size of Hillary's clitoris.
The Media
But those who live in glass houses should not throw turds.
Oh, of course, we get that kind of silly vitriol from the Crazies on the Right – but who believes the Zombie Fringe?  Is that an excuse?

Ted Cruz and Mario Cruz eat brains, for lack of them. In any case Hillary can try to stand tall above the madding crowd -- she need not resort to Trump's tactics -- because  MM does their dirty work for herRecently, however, she tries to out-trump Trump.  A losing game.
The Social Contract is An Apple

As a populist,  Trump represents  the people, the crowd.  An attack on Trump is an attack on them...umm...the voters.  

Trump's target is not really Hillary -- it is the neoliberal System, an all encompassing social-economic system that fosters injustice and inequality, while delivering few benefits  top heavy , with wealth and power all at the very top crushing all below.    

Neoliberalism is neofeudalism All social systems are based on a perceived social contract which must have a moral basis.   In this case, the contract is like one of those phoney mortgages that caused the Crash of '08. Time for a   revolution.

Vive La Revolution!

Real revolutions are less about economics than perceived injustice and morality.

No, the American Revolution was not a revolution in this sense but a civil war, in which the Rich won out. 

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