Thursday, May 5, 2016

Trumpetry: Donald as an AntiPolitician

Nyaaaaaaah.  I was right about Trump being a winner --and the Media were wrong!  As usual. I just LOVE saying, "I told you so".

Not that I am totally against the media.  News print is good. We need something to wrap up garbage.  Wolf and CNN and their ilk are  good to drown out the noise of the neighbors humping.  The media have their uses. 
News is always recycled

But most people hate the media. Ergo, since the Media overwhelmingly hate Trump, a lot of people like him -- somehow. I say “somehow” because Trump’s numerous seemingly outrageous statements, evoke contradictory responses.   That is, I believe, Trump’s intention -- although the method to achieve the result is  not something consciously planned or thought out-- but intuited. 
Trump is not a statement - he's a metaphor
The “public” is not one thing – it is a diverse community of communities, each with its own favorite narratives, which, however are muddled and inconsistent, usually contradictory.   

You are Many
And each individual is a community too.  We are confused – and confusing.  Everyman and Noman.  So what Trump says will always strike a chord at some level, whatever our ideology.  Those who see Trump as the Devil protesteth too much.  The Devil they see is within.
There is no normal, no middle

Media organizations target what they think is the “middle” which is really just the hypothetical center a swirling vortex of social garbage.   No one is ever really satisfied by that.   The media works hard to confirm our biases – but our biases are constantly shifting – with the voices in our head saying different things at different times. Yes, I hate the government but I want them to help me too.  

As I have said, we are not one thing, one person, even though we must act as if we were to get things done and prevent our most intimate partners from seeing our cheating hearts.    

The media externalize our cognitive dissonance – pretending to be dealing with “facts” while constructing a false consistency. The trouble is they try to make things logical and reasonable. It never really works.  Human beings are first and foremost emotional. You could laugh and cry before you could talk.
This is where Trump has the advantage.  He does not pretend to be consistent.  He does not pretend to have a handle on all the “facts”.   Everything he says is open-ended.  “He is a demagogue” sneer the Press, ignoring their own always demagogic role and the fact that all politicians tell their constituents what they want to hear.  
Is everyone a demagogue?
Yes, Trump tells the yahoos what they want to hear – but he is honest about it – and we are all yahoos at some level.  The yahoos don't care when he blusters.  Ever had a beer in a blue collar bar?

Trump's appeals are unashamedly emotional.   But they are no more binding then your temper tantrum after a bad day at the office when the roast is burned.   No, they are not always rational.  But you don't get the sophistry of a Clinton, either. 

Consider this guy.....
War Criminal and Baby-Killer

And Trump's off the wall remarks are usually only half-wrong.

Take the recent case of the Russians buzzing a US naval vessel on their borders.  “Shoot’em”, cries Trump to the masses who applaud.  That’s equivalent to hockey fans yelling “Kill’em” to their team.  The fans don’t really want their Quarterback to pull out a Glock and starting offing players in different colored jerseys, of course.   Trump is not actually advising starting a war.

Rather, he is on record as working with the Russians and the Chinese and avoiding the kind of NATO activities – such as naval intrusions – that provoke the Russians.   Obama has killed people. Hillary has killed people.  Trump has not. 
We are all yahoos

Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.                       
Walt Whitman
Naturally, the Media are fearful.  The Establishment pays their salaries.   The Left, which should be rooting for Trump against Hillary given his positions which are to her left is fearful of Trump because they are largely white upper middle class people who are less progressive than politically correct and represent entrenched white privilege.  Yes, the Left has its own establishment.

But expect Trump to shift positions once he has the nomination.  The method will remain the same but the messaging will change.


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