Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Are Bernie and Donald Secret Lovers?

Who is Bernie Sanders’ best friend?
The Love that dare not speak its name

Donald Trump, of course.

Nothing scares the Establishment – more than the Donald.  The Establishment does not like risk or change – and the Donald augurs both. Although the Establishment controls the Media, Trump has cleverly turned that against them and now looks ready to walk all over the Hillary.
The Media Lies

Which do YOU choose?  The Populist Totalitarian?   Or the Inverted Totalitarian.  Personally, I don't want my kids anywhere near Inverts.
"Ware them Inverts

The pundits all predicted that Trump could never take the GOP nomination.  Nope!  That  is a done deal. 

Now they predict that Trump will be reined in by the GOP Establishment.  Nope. Trump’s treatment of GOP boy toy Paul Ryan shows that.  Quite different from how Romney did it.
Republicans can love too

The pundits predict that Trump "reversing himself" on self-funding his campaign means giving up control to the GOP and the shadowy band of plutocrats backing them.  Not so -- unless Trump ....

  • takes control of GOP funding overall
  • says that the funding is for the GOP-- not for himself.
Bargains, bargains. Republicans 'R Us.

These two things -- now distinct possibilities --  would allow the Donald to control the GOP purse strings and keep  a Republican congress in line.
The Media have sneered that none of this matters because Hillary will walk all over Trump.  They pointed to Florida.   Nope
No, Hispanics don't like Hillary

Trump and the Hillary are now neck and neck in Florida.

So, yes, Trump could win.  Especially if he chooses Ivanka as a running mate.
Ivanka.  AKA Ms Liberal Democrat

So there is no hope for the Establishment -- unless Bernie “wins” the Democratic nomination. "Wins?".  Yes. It is the nomination for the Democratic Party but in no way democratic.

Fortunately for the Movers and Shakers of our Inverted totalitarian state, we have the FBI now investigating the Hillary.

 The FBI is apolitical, you say?  Hohoho….
And you  thought J Edgar died, didn't you?

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