Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Why Trump Is Not A Fascist

Who hates Trump?  WaPo certainly does.  Who owns WaPo?  Jeff Bezos, who owns Amazon.  

Who Owns America?

AKA Corporate America.
This is how fascism comes to America, not with jackboots and salutes (although there have been salutes, and a whiff of violence) but with a television huckster, a phony billionaire, a textbook egomaniac “tapping into” popular resentments and insecurities, and with an entire national political party — out of ambition or blind party loyalty, or simply out of fear — falling into line behind him..


Ah, Kagan at WaPo once again sounds the alarm.  Trump will turn America into a fascist state.

Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of State and corporate power."    
Benito Mussolini

Koch: the Face of American Fascism

Sorry, Mr. Kagan, America became a fascist state a long time ago.   Oh, not Benito’s fascism.  Or Adolph’s.   Or that Spanish guy.   
The American “Establishment” – the “System” – represents  subtly "inverted" authoritarianism --insidious  pervasive, fascistic. It is never one man -- it is an oligarchy.

Leaderless Authoritarianism
Trump’s attacks on the “Establishment” put him on the other side -- the democratic side, the side of the Many, rather than the Few
Populism is the opposite of Corporatism 
Trump is a populist – and  Populism and Fascism are, in the final analysis, diametrically opposed.  The Donald is already rich.  He has power.  But what he wants most of all is love.   
Trump Needs Love
Narcissistic yes. But not parasitic like Obama, or Hillary.  

Here's the thing:  most politicians are sociopaths.  Sociopaths do not seek love -- only power. This contradicts the endless articles telling you that Trump is a narcissistic sociopath or psychopath.
John Craig writes, apropos of Trump's comments about John McCain's war hero status:

In a roundabout way, Trump's repulsive statement is actually proof that he's not a sociopath. If he were a sociopath, he'd be a lot slyer with his smears, a lot better at fooling people, and a lot better at seducing -- rather than repelling -- an electorate

Hard to argue with this. Which also indicates the degree to which Obama is a sociopath.  Sociopaths are dangerous.  People inevitably get hurt.   And Obama (and Hillary) are killers.  

How many people did Hillary Kill?

So far, Trump hasn't killed anyone.  Who is the sociopath?
The American political system is institutionally sociopathic --   very good at pretending to serve the public interest -- and labeling all challengers as it what itself is; fascist.
Again, the proof is not in words -- but in actions. Perpetual violence

"The very first essential for success is a perpetually constant and regular employment of violence."
Adolf Hitler
Smile while you kill
Trump is clearly – less fascist -- than the Hillary, or Obama, or any previous American president, whose histories are marked by extreme violence. His offenses are merely against good taste --the Miss Universe Pageant, for example.  No dead babies there.So Trump is a lover not a fighter. Which bodes well for negotiations with Russia.    

A lover not a fighter
His actual policies?  Hard to tell -- he probably hasn't given a lot of thought to that yet -- one thing at a time–   but he clearly believes that the US should:   

  • Withdraw from military adventurism in other countries, the endless cycle of costly war and violence abroad
  • Withdraw from corporatist trade agreements like NAFTA, which beggar the peoples of all the countries involved to line the pockets of a few.
  • Focus on business at home, starting with, yes, redistribution of wealth.
  • Be flexible in all cases rely on negotiation, deal-making rather than violence.

On the other hand, Trump is the GOP nominee.  The Crazy Party  populists, religious nuts, and nativists.  It's not their fault -- they were abducted by aliens, who came in flying saucers and spoke Spanish.

ET speaks Spanish?
Yes, GOPers crazy!
And,  as such, they are the only ones open to somebody like Trump.  
Because the Democrats are the party of Reason, of Bill Maher.
Reason is Order.
Order is the Establishment.  The System Heil System! Heil Hillary!   Keep in mind that Hitler was a big fan of both Reason and Order.

Reasonable people are irrational
Since Trump opposes the Establishment, he nominally opposes Order and Reason and you won't see him on Bill Maher's show -- although you will see Bill's pal, the very vicious Ann Coulter
Which means....
Trump has to trumpet right wing values in the same way the Obama had to trumpet left wing values to overcome John Edwards and Kucinich.
Sociopaths know how to smile
Some of Trump’s pandering to the Crazies stick in the craw.
But does Trump really hate Mexicans?  Nah…who staffs his hotels.

Note the constant reference to Love

And he keeps on marrying immigrants, albeit Central European. 
Does he really think climate change is a hoax?  Not when it comes to his resort properties. He’s a pragmatist. 
Is he really ProLife?   Only recently.
Does he really want Edward Snowden in jail?   So does Obama and the H.  (But they will change after Oliver Stone’s movie.) But he’d like Hillary in jail, too. 

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Is Trump Voting For Bernie?

As of last week, who’s Bernie Sanders’ biggest booster?

Donald Trump, of course.
Trump loves Bernie

First the Donald said he would debate Sanders.  Then he said he wouldn’t. Then he said he would. Then he wouldn’t.  The news media loved it.  Another opportunity to trash Trump – who, like most people, really doesn’t care what the media think. In any case, there was method in Trump's madness:  by going back and forth, "will he or won't he?", Trump was able dominate the news cycle for a week, distract people from Elizabeth Warren's criticisms and hit "Crooked Hillary" where it really hurts -- painting her as an illegitimate candidate, a faux liberal -- and a symbol of the corruption of Establishment politics.

Love Trump or hate him -- he has a point :  Hillary is  crooked.  Worse, she's lame.
There oughta' be a law. Oh..there IS?
Among other things, the Debate debate also benefits Bernie.

People who don't like Trump call him a coward. Ummm...that's most of the media.  And so far, he has invited every other nasty epithet -- so why not?

Is Trump a conformist?

And, after all, Sanders does do  better in the polls versus Trump than Hillary who in some surveys now lags behind nationally. 
Can Clinton win?


Based on the fact that the Democratic nominating process is totally rigged and Crooked Hillary Clinton and Deborah Wasserman Schultz will not allow Bernie Sanders to win, and now that I am the presumptive Republican nominee, it seems inappropriate that I would debate the second place finisher. Likewise, the networks want to make a killing on these events and are not proving to be too generous to charitable causes, in this case, women’s health issues. Therefore, as much as I want to debate Bernie Sanders -  and it would be an easy payday - I will wait to debate the first place finisher in the Democratic Party, probably Crooked Hillary Clinton, or whoever it may be.

Is China more democratic?
That was Trump’s statement. 

Notice how he uses the phrase “Crooked Hillary” twice --and refers to the “totally rigged” Democratic nominating process -- which amounts to calling her dishonest three times.

Now, not everyone thinks Hillary is "crooked" -- but almost everyone  agrees the Democratic nominating process is rigged.  So, Crooked Hillary is a PR skid mark --hard to white wash.  An ounce of prevention...?    Can we teach the whole nation to wipe?
How to avoid another stain on national honor

Notice also that Trump says that he wanted the money to go to women’s health issues – but the media are doing what they do best -- getting in the way .  Women's health issues?  Suddenly Trump is a Justin Trudeau feminist? 
Ivanka wins hands down

And, of course, the Media were all on board for this Debate. Can't throw Christians to the Lions because the Lions have mostly been shot by dentists. There are also animal cruelty laws. So a debate is the next best spectacle.  Sorta mental vivisection.

Still a lot of people are willing to believe the Media hate women, as Trump somehow suggests.  Of course, most people, especially those on the Right,  believe the Media hate babies too.  Not to mention pandas and Julian Assange's kitten.

The whole debate issue  is a con – of course – but what else is American politics?  Once again, Hillary loses.  The Media loses.   Trump gains.  Along with his bro' Bernie. 

Don't take any of this  seriously.   Politics is a circus.  And remember to wipe. 


Sunday, May 15, 2016

Do you believe the News?

Do you  believe the News?  You probably do.  So you know that Putin and Trump are sons of the Devil.  In the UK, Corbyn is Hell's trash can man.   Below, Mark Steel's take. 


Lost elections, the Queen's gaffe and the Iraq war – it's all the fault of one man: Jeremy Corbyn

The best way to support the Labour Party is to behave like one of those angry football supporters who screams that their manager should be sacked if they lose one game 

As the political parties calm down after last week’s elections, all sensible people, included most newspapers and many Labour MPs, have agreed the outcome was that Labour lost in some places, which is a disaster for Corbyn, and won in other places, which is a disaster for Corbyn.
The Queen could be caught on camera saying, "That Putin is a right w*****r. Mind you, I could take him. He’s not as hard as he thinks he is the Russian ponce," and the main item on the news would be “Corbyn under fire for not shouting ‘Go on your majesty, kick him in the bollocks’ at Prime Minister’s Questions. When the Chilcot Inquiry is finally published in July, a group of Labour MPs will make a statement. “There is no mention of Corbyn in this whatsoever, confirming he’s not taken seriously by those whose votes we need." it will say. "Tony Blair is mentioned throughout the report because he proved to vital floating voters, such as extremely slow independent inquirers and psychotic presidents, and his opinion is valued on international affairs.”

As the election results came through, the panel on the BBC consisted of a Conservative MP who hated Corbyn and, for balance, a Labour MP who hated Corbyn. The Labour figure was Chris Leslie. He appeare dall afternoon, and probably all evening and all week. He's probably now presenting Cash in the Attic, saying: “This table leg was made in 1896, which proves Jeremy Corbyn has ruined the Labour Party because by now we should be finding Georgian sideboards."

He might disappear for an hour, but that’s because he’s appearing on the on MTV Base channel, saying "alright let’s hear a big up for Tinie Tempah, my main man ‘cos unlike Corbyn he appeal to brothers and sisters from aspiring hoods like Nuneaton".

These Labour MPs analyse every election result and make conclusions such as, “If you look at the votes for president of FIFA, Corbyn got none whatsoever. At this stage if we’re not winning the support of Central African dictatorships it shows we’re heading for catastrophe.”
It may be they’re right, and Labour isn’t likely to win a general election – partly because this is so difficult since losing Scotland. And Jeremy Corbyn is clearly to blame for that. If only Labour was led by someone who invaded Iraq more often, supported Trident and was keener on big business and more abusive towards the SNP, then the SNP voters of Glasgow would come back to Labour and apologise for being so silly.

It could be said Labour is coping fairly well, given that every day there are newspaper headlines declaring “Corbyn to force flowers to wear burqas”, and “Corbyn to replace army with non-competitive rambling society.” Some people might even see the size of the victory for Sadiq Khan in the election for Mayor of London as hugely encouraging for Labour.
After all, it forced Michael Fallon, the defence secretary, to try and excuse the Tory tactic of calling Sadiq Khan a “friend of terrorists” by saying it was “only right to hold someone up to scrutiny.” This seems fair; you can only truly know whether someone’s a friend of terrorists if you make statements in the House of Commons and repeat them daily in newspapers insisting they’re a friend of terrorists. This is why I’m concerned about Princess Anne, and Olly Murs and my next door neighbour. Without them ever being called a friend of terrorists, every day for a month in leaflets, they haven’t been held to proper scrutiny. For we know, they’re going backwards and forwards to Syria every weekend.

Fallon also said the Tory campaign was simply the “rough and tumble of politics.” This seems a reasonable way to describe 'making stuff up'. At the next election, Labour should distribute leaflets declaring that Fallon tortures llamas by stringing them upside down in his bedroom, forcing them to smoke Capstan full-strength cigarettes all day. Then he can be part of the fun of the 'rough and tumble of politics' as well.

The Conservatives were so much on the defensive after the London result, they announced that Zac Goldsmith’s mum had said her son was "the least racist person I know.” That pretty much clears it up then. The Tories are keen on scrutiny, and there’s no more watertight method for holding someone up to scrutiny than asking someone’s mum if their son is guilty. The problem is it’s possible the only other people Zac’s mum knows are Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen and a biker gang from Alabama.
Another way of looking at the current situation is that Labour is winning already. Every time the government announces a new policy as being vital and marvellous and exciting, a few days later they have to cancel it. The cuts in tax credits and disability benefits, and the attempt to force all schools to become academies, have all faced such opposition they’ve been withdrawn.

But all sensible people agree the most effective way to support Labour is to be like one of these angry football supporters who scream their manager should be sacked if they lose one game. Except they'll go even further and yell: 'How dare we win the election, you're useless, sack him.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Julian Assange's New Girlfriend and the Art of PR

PR is not about Reason -- it is about feelings. It works best when it taps the Unconscious.

Taking a break from Donald Trump, I turn to cats, specifically kittens.
Julian's New Girl Friend
Julian Assange has gone viral with his kitten, who has her own twitter account.  The kitten was apparently a gift from his kids – but it is also a PR triumph.
Embassy Cat Takes Control
As we all know, kitten videos are the biggest thing on the Internet. If you don't like them -- you are not human, you are a bot. 
If you don't like cuddly you are a Bot
And this kitten -- a girl, by the way --  radically changes Assange's image in the popular mind, except maybe for that FemiNazi Upper Middle Class fringe group who own rottweilers or pitbulls and will forever hold Julian's broken condoms against him  forever --although why anyone would want to hold an icky, sticky broken rubber I don't know. 
Non-FemiNazi with Real Dog

Other, more reasonable people must ask a serious question:  what rapist, pervert, terrorist traitor sleeps with an adorable kitten?  

MeI do actually.  

And also Julian.

Now, Hitler had large fangy German Shepherds.  He was also a vegan, farted a lot and had a deformed penis.  He secretly dreamed of  being Bill Maher who secretly dreams of being Donald Trump.  So, now you "get" Hitler. Also Maher.  All ya' need to know.

Hitler liked to sleep with "Blondi".

I digress....

Can you imagine Pol Pot with a kitten?  Or Dick Cheney?  No, no, no....  Please not Cheney – he would eat it!
Cheney is a Monster

Really, if you want to evaluate a politician do not look at his relationship with his wife or children --do not consider whether the interns are giving him blowjobs or whether there are hookers in the pool or whether he jerks off in the Oval Office --do not even look at silly things like public policy --  look at his relationship with animals.
President Socks

The Clinton’s had a cat named Socks. But Socks didn’t get along with Bill’s dog Buddy, who arrived later.      It is natural for cats to resent new pets.  If they are not given enough attention and made to feel secure, they feel betrayed.  Kinda like voters.  
Clinton moves on...to New Love!

The Clintons didn’t know how to make peace between Socks and Buddy any better than they knew how to make peace with anyone else.  And ...they didn’t care.  
This is...US!

Socks was given away eventually..  Dumped.  Betrayed.  We all were, I guess.

Buddy, by the way, was hit by a car and killed.  We got a lot of legislation that gutted welfare, put thousands of young black men in prison-- and eventually ended up with George Bush. Dumped.  Betrayed.

If the Clintons could not be trusted to look after a cat or a dog, how was it they were trusted to look after the Free World .  Dumped.  Betrayed.

And now the Hillary wants to do it all over again.  

Now let's look Vladimir Putin, usually referred to in the Western Press as a "dictator", a "thug", a war-monger. 

However, besides being a man’s man, riding horses, doing martial arts and playing with tigers and leopards and huskies and so on, he likes cats and kittens.  

Clearly gay!.... Oh, can't say that.  Let's just call him a "pussy" instead.

Putin gets close to 90% approval in Russia – and is especially popular with women, other than (of course) Pussy Riot,  despite being a...um.. pussy. Ironies abound.

Obama by contrast is an American style man. When not blowing up babies with drone strikes.  

He doesn't like animals much -- and certainly not cats.  But he got dogs for his kids because
  •     they are girls and girls like puppies
  •     it made for good PR
  •     he is not gay
Personally, I prefer pussies.  Here is one of mine.
My Owner

Is Julian on the right side of history?

Of course - -that’s the kitten side.Soft, cuddly, affectionate, but independent, wise.  They toilet train naturally which is more than I can say for myself.   Julian's  kitten is witty and quotes Shakespeare.

As I said at the beginning -- this is also good PR.

We react automatically to the loving, caring images of a man with a kitten sleeping under his chin.  It's an emotional thing and whatever we think of JA's politics -- he looks like a mensch.  If anything gets Julian out of the Ecuadorian embassy, it will be Embassy Cat. 

David Cameron?  He fucks dead pigs. 

It would be churlish to try to discount Embassy Cat, as the Washington Post tried to with the headline....

Julian Assange got a kitten for company, but now it’s tweeting and making him look loony

Sorry, WaPo Embassy Cat doesn't make Assange look "loony"--she just makes you look like assholes.