Saturday, April 2, 2016

Dicks and PoliDicks

Forget the “Trudeau” part - -it’s the “mania” that’s important.  Yes, it’s a kind of personality disorder, which will hopefully be added to DSM VI.
You love Justin?  Now, that he's Prime Minister of Canada, you want him to be President of the US, too?  Please, seek professional help NOW!   Or maybe there is a 12 Steps Group.  Or just take some Ambien.
Political Sex Symbols
The popular mind wants leaders like Justin– handsome, personable politicians --preferably rich with rich, attractive wives and cute kids.  Guys who are macho enough to box -- but can wear pink too.  And smoke pot. Call a guy like this: Millenial Man. (With the emphasis on "Man" -- more about that -- later)

It’s all part of Politics As Entertainment.
Trump Evolves
Down south, in Canada’s never-flushed toilet, we see the political circus in full swing with Donald Trump.  Sexy?  Not much.  But the trademark comb-over hair is ever so gradually getting trimmed back and more its natural color and he is eschewing bronzer.  Do you need "sexy"  when you are surrounded by beautiful women -- with tits.  As a celebrity, Trump knows he is just playing a role in a narrative -- so he tells his audiences what they want to hear, regardless of what he actually believes.  Keep in mind that this is how Ronald Reagan, a man of dubious intellectual capacity became the Republican Messiah.
Tits: Trump's Secret Weapon(s)

Show biz'.....As I keep on saying, we are evolved to resist reality.
Reality Sucks

Reality is your sink full of dirty dishes in the morning, babies crying all night, skid stains on the underwear, and wrinkles.  And all those people at the Office you dream of shooting with an AK.
Plastic is Fantastic
Now, when we watch TV, everybody is more or less perfect.  Have you noticed that nobody ever uses a toilet, at least not to shit?

No, no “normal” here.  Just look at the smiles -- flashing white, regular teeth – beautiful because they are plastic.  Plastic teeth, plastic cheekbones, plastic tits.   Plastic, plastic, plastic.....

Bodies toned by Personal Trainers. Yeah, they look good.  Plastic. And all problems are resolved miraculously, surrounded as one might be by the Walking Dead (aka: your neighbors, in-laws and office mates).
Brit Actors Can't Afford Plastic Teeth

OK, British TV doesn’t do that.   They don’t have the money.  But they don't have an Empire anymore.   And they call Jeremy Corbyn a role model.  Their PM is a pig fucker.
Vancouver -- Cellulite Paradise  

But in Canada, the standard is set in Hollywood-- or at least in Hollywood North – Vancouver – which  (by the way) invented botox for wrinkles and provided a job for Justin teaching high school at a "good school" rather than working as a “bouncer” in a high class bar that really didn’t need one.  Vancouver is the one place in Canada where it barely snows. It does not know "reality".
Which is why the University beach is full of naked old people. 

Stephen Harper was a handsome man. Good hair. So he got to be PM for nine  years.
Handsome Conservative

 Justin is handsomer.  Good hair.  A  decade --or even two?
Handsome Liberal

Tom Mulcair….ummm….  The hair is on his face. Seriously?   ‘nuff said.
So, if the NDP ever wants power, they need a Casting Director – not political analysts.  Because people don’t give a fuck about policy – just appearance.  I am available to help -- if they have the cash.

Wait, wait…you say – you’re just talking about Male Politicians.  What about women?

Different standards apply to women.  

Sadly, this is a patriarchal society -- which means it is run by dicks.

Think Sarah Palin.  Attractive. Tits.  A moron.     Dickish -- but not dick.  From a rightwing point of view exactly the right candidate for vice president, since VPs don’t really do anything.  Paired with McCain who is both a dick and has one --you get a  satisfying Grandpa and granddaughter scenario, with the granddaughter being all wide eyed and stupid --as young women should be -- and Grandpa wondering who will change his Adult Nappies.
Grandpa and his Granddaughter

Attractive women are great as wives of presidents and vice presidents.  Remember Jacky O?  But they are just eye candy. They go with the Happy Family Meme, which also needs attractive kids without zits and a dog who doesn't poo on the couch, all clustered around Dad the Serial Killer. 
Drone Killer and Happy Family

Sexy women as  leaders of a nation?  LOL....  The glass ceiling is so you can look up and see a naked woman spread out and.... Oh, never mind.

Well, who ever imagined having sex with Margaret Thatcher?   Including Dennis Thatcher?  No glass ceiling of any kind there.
Woman With Balls

Female attractiveness works differently than the male version.  As Naomi Wolf has observed in her book the Beauty Myth, stereotypes of female beauty are designed to preserve male supremacy. 
“Culture stereotypes women to fit the myth by flattening the feminine into beauty-without-intelligence or intelligence-without-beauty; women are allowed a mind or a body but not both.”

The point is that a woman with a mind cannot have a female body -- and, if she wants to do anything at all, she's expected to have balls.  Now, both men and women give head in one way or another to get ahead,  but to lead both must be not just dickish -- but real dicks -- not fucking anybody -- just fucking them over.   

Socially, female attractiveness is defined sexually – where physical -- connoting a woman’s value to men as wife, mother, ornament --or slut. An intellectually attractive woman has to be a Faux Male -- often aggressive, nasty, psychopathic -- an all and all bad-ass.

Sadly, in  a patriarchal society, women tend to buy into these concepts and compete with one another. Remember the Mean Girls of High School?    Notice in the photo below that the girl being bullied is really very pretty.  Why?   This is a media narrative -- you can only sympathize with pretty girls. 
Pretty Girl Bulled by Other Pretty Girls
A physically attractive woman cannot be sexy and rise above men – her position is underneath them – on her back in one way or another.

Margaret Thatcher was ballsy. So, too, is the Hillary -- who never saw a war she didn’t like and thought that Qaddafi being sodomized with a knife was funny.
Testosterone Rage
By contrast, Justin Trudeau is a physically handsome man – but I doubt there are many women fantasizing about his dick. He’s good looking, fit --the kind of guy that other guys want to be --and rich. His attractiveness is social, not sexual --and he fits the appropriate narrative - -as a stereotype.  Sorry, Justin, you are not a person.
Mr. Canada

Women cannot be leaders if they look sexy.  

Contradictions, contradictions?    Do you want a President who is a slut?   No?   

But JFK, usually touted as a "good" President was really a male slut, who liked whores and group sex. 

There are sexy female politicians.  But it helps to be a public figure first -- an announcer or TV reporter -- or to be a member of a minority.  Below a Sikh MP and long-time MP in the Canadian parliament.  Bet you never heard of her.   Committed, hard working, and smart!
Canadian MP (Sikh)

No matter how qualified , however, these people cannot rise to leadership if they attractive according to social definitions -- which are inevitably attached to patriarchal views of womanhood.   Men will discount their abilities.  Women will hate them either out of jealousy or for challenging their own acceptance of inherently sexist middle class ideals. 

So, by and large, attractive women get positions like Minister of Culture or, as in the case of the woman below, Minister of Tourism. 
Greek Minister of ...yes...Tourism
Am I rude?

Well, politics is a nasty business.  And probably won't get any better until we forbid men from running for office.

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