Thursday, March 24, 2016

The AntiPolitician

Is Trump Original Sin?

 Is Donald Trump Hitler reborn?  Or the Devil?  Or the AntiChrist?

Yes, of course, he is.  ALL of them.

Reminds me of that rhyme I learned as a kid, “Jesus loves you.  How do you know?  The Bible tells you so”

Jesus' Workout Buddy

The Donald hates you.  How do you know?  The Media tell you so.

Of course, whenever the media are unanimous, except when writing about the cuteness of kittens, you know they are probably wrong – or maybe even malicious.


Trump is bombastic, a demagogue who says outrageous things.  Yet, if you look at his record – he see seems somewhat to the Left.  He likes Single Payer.  Doesn’t like foreign interventionism.  Likes Social Security.  Doesn’t like TPP.   He is supposed to be anti-Semitic and yet Sheldon Adelson, the UberZionist loves him.  
A Secret Socialist?

Why the contradictions?
It's ShowBiz, Baby!

Because this is show biz’ -- politics is really a media circus. 

Trump wanted to be President.  But he was an Outsider, unable to compete in a process set up for established politicians.  On the other hand, as the Tea Party showed, the republican base is unstable – diverse, emotional, and often uneducated.  And the GOP is crazy.   So Trump has campaigned as an anti-establishment politician – an anti-politician – the GOP’s every own Mad Max.

What Trump Learned from Mel Gibson
The more outrageous he is, the more his supporters think he is sincere, honest – one of them.   They love his craziness. Once his base has given allegiance, they will not waver – even if he moves to the Left.   They are True Believers.  And who the fuck really cares?  It’s Show Biz’.
Trump Supporters are Fashion Conscious

Will Trump move Left?

Is Trump a Commie?
Now imagine if Bernie had had the balls to do a Trump and stick it to the Hillary -- for her record of failures and her serial psychopathy.  HE would be the Democrat front runner.  Bernie, sad to say, just didn't have the imagination.  Keep in mind that Trump is still Left of Bernie on many issues, foreign policy being one.

Will Trump move Left once he the Yahoo vote propels him to the GOP nomination.  Yes, if he really wants to be President.  

And if he does, the Hillary might well lose. 
Barak: The Suckiest President Since?
Once upon a time, there was a man named Barak Obama.  He campaigned on "Change you can believe in".  Once in office, he became Bush Lite, in many respects worse than Bush.  Every Tuesday he kills people, authorizing drone strikes that he knows will kill women and children, and promote even more hate.

 Trump says hateful things.  Obama is hateful.  And the Hillary, if elected, promises to be ever so much worse.

'Nuff Said
For a longer and  very insightful article on why Trump will likely be the next president go here.

Seriously, this is one of, if not the best article I have ever seen on
  • politics
  • persuasion
  • the human mind 
Don't take my word for it.  Read it!  It is written by the creator of Dilbert.  This is an age of contradictions, in which only Ironicists (humorists) really have a grip on what is happening.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

PR As Technology

Is PR a technology?
Is technology just equipment?

We mostly think of “technology” as tools --like the wheel or the steam engine or the smartphone.    Objects. Things.  Not activities.

But the word technology comes from “technos” – an art or craft—and “logos” – meaning a system. Ultimately, technology is something that allows us to do something: we have to look beyond “things” to application - which means activity

Is technology a function of the mind?

The philosopher Heidegger wrote that “tools” were only really tools when they were in use --and therefore invisible.  

If it works, it's invisible

 When you chop down a tree with an axe – you don’t focus on the axe – unless you don’t know what you are doing, lack "craft" as it  – but on the action of cutting itself.   It’s how you do it that matters.

Your smartphone?  It’s whatever you want to use it for.  Intention matters. Including sexting. 

Is love technology?

“PR” is often confused with the vast array of “things” that allow it to do what needs to be done – equipment -- TV, computers, digital networks and mobile devices, printing devices, magazines and newspapers – they are all parts of the System, all expressions of the craft.    
Technologies are all connected

But...think of a banquet.  Are the utensils the dinner?  No, the whole is greater than the parts.  Utensils allow us to eat the food, which is carefully prepared.  But the people there matter too -- the selection of guests, depending on the purpose of the banquet.   There is an agenda.   
The technology of social gatherings

So, yes, adopting this kind of organic definition,  PR is “technology”.   

And while media may change -- if you like, the "utensils" of PR – the art itself  subsumes all, according to its purpose.

PR uses media  to persuade people to do various things, according existing beliefs.  To buy something for example.  Or to vote a certain way.  It is successful when it can distract them from contradictory beliefs.

Basic technology -- speech

At the most basic level PR is communication—but more than that -- to the extent it uses art or craft in a systematic way. 

How the Iroquois did it

Our ancestors did it in tribal meetings, where the most powerful speech makers applied their arts.  When they were "persuasive" there was no sign of craft.  Listeners suspended disbelief.  It all seemed completely authentic.

The tool, PR as a technology was invisible.
The  aim of PR is always the same – to convince people to do certain things, regardless of actual facts.  It is intrinsically virtual.
PR is about narrowing choice -- to one thing.  Don’t  buy Pepsi.  

Buy Coke.  Don’t vote Hillary. Vote Bernie.  This is Good. This is Bad.  And so on. 
The living expression of collective idiocy

Media are most effective when the ideas they convey are taken as a priori.

The Devil

Putin is the Devil.  Trump is a Fraud.

The Fraud

We know these things to be true.

1984 is always

And we don't know why.

We forget who told us.  We just believe.

That’s the technology of PR.