Monday, February 15, 2016

The Middle Class: Desperate Turds

I am confused.  

 As a rabid leftist -- I heart Karl (Marx, the 19th Century guy, not that guy by the same name who works as a barrista at Starbucks). 

I yearn for the  Class War. But how can you have a class war, when everyone pretends to be middle class.  


 "How beastly the bourgeois are" wrote DH Lawrence.  Indeed. 
Apologies to DH Lawrence

But most people are proud to be "middle class" as opposed to say, "redneck" or "blue collar".   Being in the "middle" tells you that you are better than somebody else, with the opportunity to climb. 
Middle = not lowest. Also "normal".  So, OK....
Cubicle Slaves
In the 19th and 20th Century,  “classes” were clearly defined as a sort of social layer cake.  I always liked the icing best.  You? 

The "lower class" was the dirty plate, I guess. Store bought -- paper or plastic, disposable. 

Nowadays, just about everybody claims to be 'middle class' ...  thankfully superior to...?   Umm....homeless people?   Black people?  Latinos?

Thinking about this really, really deeply -- taking advantage of years of higher education --and more importantly what I learned in Mother Goose Kindergarten --there are a lot fewer middle class people economically and socially than there are ideologically.    Because a lot of people who say they are middle class, just don't qualify by the numbers.  

Marx defined the "bourgeois" as owners. What do YOU own?

The really, really rich people, of course,  own everything

They  - the rich --  have "class".  They are really, really important – they must be because they don’t have to pay taxes or follow the law or stuff like that - stuff that you get nailed with. 

Where am I?

Am I important?  Well, I keep on getting email from nice people who are worried about my sex life and want to sell me ED aids and dildos.  So somebody loves me. 

somebody loves you

Rich people, as I have said, own everything.

You might own a TV . A car , Ummm…certificates from universities.   Stuff hat is quickly obsolescent and of only temporary value.  
Are you an owner?

You probably owe more than you own too.   Most of what you earn ends up paying for some rich guy’s Ferrari. Your taxes?  Ditto: that Ferrari.

Oh, but I am not a factory worker, you say.   Too bad, factory jobs used to be pretty good when there were still unions to represent the workers.

Where did all the factories go anyway?

Oh, to the Third World.  Which is where the proletariat is, too. And big companies like Apple can roll back time to the early 19th Century -- for goodies like child labor and 12 hour work days. 

Nowadays,   the proletariat are some other place -- people  we don't see. 

The Rich we don’t see either – because they live in Switzerland or Martha’s Vinyard or Beverly Hills.  But we follow them on TV and the Internet -- ever so cool

Home Sweet Home

The "middle" is an all encompassing perception.  Everyone we see is "middle". Or "center".   Somewhere out there beyond the periphery there are "others", poor black people, say -- or foreigners -- they are the enemy.

Are you proud of being middle class?


Reminds me of a soft turd.  Spreading out at the base, with a tip upwards.   Everybody wants to be in the upper tip.  But we all belong to the same turd.  We all stick together, morally, politically, socially.
"Middle".... An end product.

Society is like a digestive system.

The Rich are the mouth.  They get to eat whatever they want.

The Alimentary system is Corporate Capitalism, processing what the Rich eat.  At the asshole, we have the rest of us -- desperate turds.

Desperate Turds

The Middle Class is  shit – ideally,  recycled to grow food for the Mouth. 

Ummm... I am still confused!

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