Thursday, February 4, 2016

Ted Bundy for President?

Okay kiddies, here is your question for the day:
If the presidential election was a choice between the Donald and a bloodstained, serial killer of women and children, say, Ted Bundy, which would you choose?

A rational person would choose the Donald over Ted Bundy, although Bundy would always have the edge in good looks, charm, and wit.  But democrats would pause to think.

A silly exercise you say.  Because :
•    Ted is dead
•    Ted was not a registered democrat

Not really that silly!  

The democratic candidate is likely to be the Hillary, who is very much a blood-stained psychopath.  How can we say that?  Isn't that the H's boss,  who is ever so proud of blowing up kids with drones, and "double tap" execution of first responders?
Although final responsibility rests with Barry, Hillary was Enabler in Chief.    If she were being tried for ordinary homicide, she would be regarded as culpable as the guy who actually pulled the trigger.  In one way of another, the Hillary has killed a lot more people than Ted Bundy did.  And apparently cares less about it than garrulous Ted who was for ever going on and one about it.

Back in the 21st Century Hillary was a big booster of her husband’s infamous Iraq sanctions that cost the lives of as many as half a million children.   Then, there was her support of the Iraq and Afghan wars, bombing in Yugoslavia, the rape of Libya, interventions in Haiti and the Honduras and fomenting crisis in the Ukraine and Syria.  She has a lot of blood on her hands -- and appears to want more.   Not because she cares about killing -- but, --as a full-fledged psychopath-- she doesn't care at all.

Yup, Hillary is a remorseless baby killer.

As President she would push the Russians as far as she could, risking nuclear war.

And she would do the same with the Chinese.

By contrast, the much maligned Donald is mostly about money.

In foreign policy he is very much to the Left.   You can tell that by his bad hair.  Leftists always have bad hair.   Although the real ones have beards too.

Trump  thinks it better to work with the Russians and the Chinese – rather than against them.  Why?  It’s just good business. $$$$

So he wants out of foreign entanglements. $$$$$

What exactly is the difference?  Trump is more honest.
Of course, it's also true that the Donald like a lot of guys born into wealth is essentially lazy: he likes the simple way, the easiest way.  So fuck ideology.  Problem with immigration?:  just don't let them in.   Problems with other countries not doing as Americans do? WTF cares?  Muslims have different values?  Keep them out.  

You get the picture.  Nativism, populism and isolationism are all the simplest solutions -- and also much beloved of the Founders of the Republic -- so these are memes rooted in the collective mind.

Vote for the Hillary, however, you will get another set of memes expressing the complexity of imperial ambition– which would allow a President Hillary many hours of drone strike enjoyment blowing little kids and their Mommies to bits.

A President Trump.   Boring.  Business.  

Just don’t like the Donald?

Pray that Bernie gets in.

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