Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Should Republicans be allowed to marry?

The conservative Christian who preaches against gays, ends up caught soliciting sex in a man’s washroom.  

 Barak Obama who opposed the Iraq war, takes pride in his drone kills – most of which are innocent people, many of them women and children.  The Hillary, who was by all accounts a good mother, glories in Gaddaffi being anally raped and killed with a bayonet. 

Civil rights hero, Jimmy Carter, presided over mass murder in Latin America and the rise of the Taliban and the overthrow of a regime that advocated women’s rights. 

While personality tends to be unitary, projecting an integrated and consistent “Self”, our “Being” is diverse and multimodal

What decides which set of modalities dominate?  Who? When? 

What you do isn't generally the result of rational analysis– because each modality is based upon unconscious biases .  Since these biases -- really heuristics for orientating ourselves to specific situation -- often contradict other parts of ourselves, they must be kept separate, isolated.

We are all schizoid.

Jimmy Carter, Barak and the Hillary are war criminals – logically – but they would never accept that emotionally .  I am sure that Hitler wouldn’t think that either. 

All these people could manufacture reasons why they were really killing people for the Greater Good.

Of course, we are talking about acts of commission.   I don't do that you say.  I don't even vote.

However,  an act of omission which results in harm to others is just as bad as an act of commission.  So, you may disagree with the government -- but if you are too lazy to vote, you contribute to the problem. You, too, are culpable. 

I am not talking about Russel Brand.  He might not think much of voting -- but he does commit to direct social action. 

Yes.  Thoreau went and lived by a pond.  He also wrote a book about it to educate people.  And he spent time in jail for refusing to pay taxes.  He wasn't lazy.

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