Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Should Republicans be allowed to marry?

The conservative Christian who preaches against gays, ends up caught soliciting sex in a man’s washroom.  

 Barak Obama who opposed the Iraq war, takes pride in his drone kills – most of which are innocent people, many of them women and children.  The Hillary, who was by all accounts a good mother, glories in Gaddaffi being anally raped and killed with a bayonet. 

Civil rights hero, Jimmy Carter, presided over mass murder in Latin America and the rise of the Taliban and the overthrow of a regime that advocated women’s rights. 

While personality tends to be unitary, projecting an integrated and consistent “Self”, our “Being” is diverse and multimodal

What decides which set of modalities dominate?  Who? When? 

What you do isn't generally the result of rational analysis– because each modality is based upon unconscious biases .  Since these biases -- really heuristics for orientating ourselves to specific situation -- often contradict other parts of ourselves, they must be kept separate, isolated.

We are all schizoid.

Jimmy Carter, Barak and the Hillary are war criminals – logically – but they would never accept that emotionally .  I am sure that Hitler wouldn’t think that either. 

All these people could manufacture reasons why they were really killing people for the Greater Good.

Of course, we are talking about acts of commission.   I don't do that you say.  I don't even vote.

However,  an act of omission which results in harm to others is just as bad as an act of commission.  So, you may disagree with the government -- but if you are too lazy to vote, you contribute to the problem. You, too, are culpable. 

I am not talking about Russel Brand.  He might not think much of voting -- but he does commit to direct social action. 

Yes.  Thoreau went and lived by a pond.  He also wrote a book about it to educate people.  And he spent time in jail for refusing to pay taxes.  He wasn't lazy.

Monday, February 15, 2016

The Middle Class: Desperate Turds

I am confused.  

 As a rabid leftist -- I heart Karl (Marx, the 19th Century guy, not that guy by the same name who works as a barrista at Starbucks). 

I yearn for the  Class War. But how can you have a class war, when everyone pretends to be middle class.  


 "How beastly the bourgeois are" wrote DH Lawrence.  Indeed. 
Apologies to DH Lawrence

But most people are proud to be "middle class" as opposed to say, "redneck" or "blue collar".   Being in the "middle" tells you that you are better than somebody else, with the opportunity to climb. 
Middle = not lowest. Also "normal".  So, OK....
Cubicle Slaves
In the 19th and 20th Century,  “classes” were clearly defined as a sort of social layer cake.  I always liked the icing best.  You? 

The "lower class" was the dirty plate, I guess. Store bought -- paper or plastic, disposable. 

Nowadays, just about everybody claims to be 'middle class' ...  thankfully superior to...?   Umm....homeless people?   Black people?  Latinos?

Thinking about this really, really deeply -- taking advantage of years of higher education --and more importantly what I learned in Mother Goose Kindergarten --there are a lot fewer middle class people economically and socially than there are ideologically.    Because a lot of people who say they are middle class, just don't qualify by the numbers.  

Marx defined the "bourgeois" as owners. What do YOU own?

The really, really rich people, of course,  own everything

They  - the rich --  have "class".  They are really, really important – they must be because they don’t have to pay taxes or follow the law or stuff like that - stuff that you get nailed with. 

Where am I?

Am I important?  Well, I keep on getting email from nice people who are worried about my sex life and want to sell me ED aids and dildos.  So somebody loves me. 

somebody loves you

Rich people, as I have said, own everything.

You might own a TV . A car , Ummm…certificates from universities.   Stuff hat is quickly obsolescent and of only temporary value.  
Are you an owner?

You probably owe more than you own too.   Most of what you earn ends up paying for some rich guy’s Ferrari. Your taxes?  Ditto: that Ferrari.

Oh, but I am not a factory worker, you say.   Too bad, factory jobs used to be pretty good when there were still unions to represent the workers.

Where did all the factories go anyway?

Oh, to the Third World.  Which is where the proletariat is, too. And big companies like Apple can roll back time to the early 19th Century -- for goodies like child labor and 12 hour work days. 

Nowadays,   the proletariat are some other place -- people  we don't see. 

The Rich we don’t see either – because they live in Switzerland or Martha’s Vinyard or Beverly Hills.  But we follow them on TV and the Internet -- ever so cool

Home Sweet Home

The "middle" is an all encompassing perception.  Everyone we see is "middle". Or "center".   Somewhere out there beyond the periphery there are "others", poor black people, say -- or foreigners -- they are the enemy.

Are you proud of being middle class?


Reminds me of a soft turd.  Spreading out at the base, with a tip upwards.   Everybody wants to be in the upper tip.  But we all belong to the same turd.  We all stick together, morally, politically, socially.
"Middle".... An end product.

Society is like a digestive system.

The Rich are the mouth.  They get to eat whatever they want.

The Alimentary system is Corporate Capitalism, processing what the Rich eat.  At the asshole, we have the rest of us -- desperate turds.

Desperate Turds

The Middle Class is  shit – ideally,  recycled to grow food for the Mouth. 

Ummm... I am still confused!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Ted Bundy for President?

Okay kiddies, here is your question for the day:
If the presidential election was a choice between the Donald and a bloodstained, serial killer of women and children, say, Ted Bundy, which would you choose?

A rational person would choose the Donald over Ted Bundy, although Bundy would always have the edge in good looks, charm, and wit.  But democrats would pause to think.

A silly exercise you say.  Because :
•    Ted is dead
•    Ted was not a registered democrat

Not really that silly!  

The democratic candidate is likely to be the Hillary, who is very much a blood-stained psychopath.  How can we say that?  Isn't that the H's boss,  who is ever so proud of blowing up kids with drones, and "double tap" execution of first responders?
Although final responsibility rests with Barry, Hillary was Enabler in Chief.    If she were being tried for ordinary homicide, she would be regarded as culpable as the guy who actually pulled the trigger.  In one way of another, the Hillary has killed a lot more people than Ted Bundy did.  And apparently cares less about it than garrulous Ted who was for ever going on and one about it.

Back in the 21st Century Hillary was a big booster of her husband’s infamous Iraq sanctions that cost the lives of as many as half a million children.   Then, there was her support of the Iraq and Afghan wars, bombing in Yugoslavia, the rape of Libya, interventions in Haiti and the Honduras and fomenting crisis in the Ukraine and Syria.  She has a lot of blood on her hands -- and appears to want more.   Not because she cares about killing -- but, --as a full-fledged psychopath-- she doesn't care at all.

Yup, Hillary is a remorseless baby killer.

As President she would push the Russians as far as she could, risking nuclear war.

And she would do the same with the Chinese.

By contrast, the much maligned Donald is mostly about money.

In foreign policy he is very much to the Left.   You can tell that by his bad hair.  Leftists always have bad hair.   Although the real ones have beards too.

Trump  thinks it better to work with the Russians and the Chinese – rather than against them.  Why?  It’s just good business. $$$$

So he wants out of foreign entanglements. $$$$$

What exactly is the difference?  Trump is more honest.
Of course, it's also true that the Donald like a lot of guys born into wealth is essentially lazy: he likes the simple way, the easiest way.  So fuck ideology.  Problem with immigration?:  just don't let them in.   Problems with other countries not doing as Americans do? WTF cares?  Muslims have different values?  Keep them out.  

You get the picture.  Nativism, populism and isolationism are all the simplest solutions -- and also much beloved of the Founders of the Republic -- so these are memes rooted in the collective mind.

Vote for the Hillary, however, you will get another set of memes expressing the complexity of imperial ambition– which would allow a President Hillary many hours of drone strike enjoyment blowing little kids and their Mommies to bits.

A President Trump.   Boring.  Business.  

Just don’t like the Donald?

Pray that Bernie gets in.