Sunday, January 17, 2016

You: The Naked Emperor

I am a liar.

My job is not so much to persuade the public to do believe certain things or do things – rather it is to persuade my clients that I can do these things, which is, at best, doubtful.

PR?  Advertising?  “Public Diplomacy”?  Con games.   "Big" doesn't equal "smart".  I get paid well.   Even if I charge a fraction what a large ad agency would -- delivering some real value, con game or not.

People like me are sell the Emperor new clothes.  I would rather sell the real thing -- but the Big Guys take their cues from others.  I am always hoping there will be a  kid in the crowd who will tell the King he is naked.   

The series Madmen comes close to this "reality – but even it pretends that propagandists have more power than they do.  We are cogs in a machine.

Frankly, the whole public persuasion shtick is mostly hit and miss.  There is no “method” – only madness.  

Don Draper was a lie.  Stolen Identity.  And yet that identity is as real as any other in this series -- or in real life.

Who you are is what other people think you are. Ultimately, that crowd looking at you, includes several versions of you. 

 And that is the central truth that most people would rather not believe

 Outside is inside.  And inside, outside.  The “Self” is a product. Its essence is in its marque and its slogan.  And its perceived usefulness to others.

We are all Don Draper. Manufactured people.  We are all Apple.  Brands.  We are all naked emperors.  Oblivious.

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