Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Media Hate You

 The Media went to the Dark Side long ago
Yes, they -- or at least the tiny cabal that owns them -- really do hate you.    They need you --you are their "market".  But they fear you because you are unpredictable, especially when times are tough.  And what people fear -- they also hate and seek to control.   The Media are the agents of the Status Quo. You are the agents of change.  In fact -- you are change itself.
Fear = Hate

So the media lie.  

Advertising, "public relations", "public diplomacy" -- and news -- it's all about deception.  What if people thought for themselves?  Would they notice that they are owned?  How awful!

Who owns YOU?

The truth will always "out" -- but usually too late   He who controls information, controls the world.

When we look back at history -- say World War One --we are always saying -- "if only people had known".  

Think way back... to the 17th Century -- when people relied for "news" on word of mouth.  Were they really any more ignorant than today -- when we just think we know?
The newspaper formalized disinformation

Then, the literati -- that relatively small group of people who could actually read -- wanted an alternative to gossip, rumour and all that fed the passions of what they disdained as the "mob".  That led to the invention of newspapers, which mostly relied on, yes, rumour and gossip.  Just black and white letters, it looked somehow official, as if it were true.  But they didn't care much about facts-- just confirmation of their prejudices.

Gee...nothing much has changed. 

We like stuff that looks "official", as in "Today, an unidentified government source said...." 

Makes one wonder:  does society evolve -- or revolve?

The Industrial Revolution needed general literacy -- so we got public education -- a new invention -- schools.  Lots of little kids learning to sit obediently in rows and measure time in 50 minute segments. Learning to listen and obey.   To become cogs.  In the age of machines, people had to become machine components. 

Outside of school, the Media told people what to think -- more than that - what to want and need and feel.


Today, of course, we have the Internet -- which pretty much does away with schools as a source of information of knowledge and like Topsy -- just grew.  Suddenly, things are changing.  Once again--as before the advent of public education with its narrow regimentation--people are learning individually, interactively and experimentally.  

Higher education?   It merely serves to certify social class: it teaches conformity and disdain for those for the nominally 'uneducated'.  You and I are just pig's heads.

The Media doesn't like change.  But never mind: big media companies are doing their best to control the Internet too. 

As I said, the media fear you and hate you -- the Crowd -- the successor to the 17th Century "mob".

Media companies hire professionals like me to keep you in line.  But -- it's like herding cats.  You keep on doing your own thing. 

No matter what lies we tell you -- you somehow figure out the truth.  Takes time sometimes.  But people have this thing they do -- they talk.  Now they talk digitally.  This is change you can believe in.  And the corporate Media  hate it. 

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