Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Trudeau -- the New Fluffy

 Trudeau is fluff.

Fluff -- or Seed?


But Harper is out -- and Justin is in (in more ways than one!). 


The Media says: Ring out the Old.


Sorry : they (the media) lie.   They love change you can't believe in.


Lots of happy bells  on TV, yes.  But ringing in the Old -- not the true.


Poor Alfred


Poor Alfred.  Poor Canada.


Same old.... 


Canadians voted for one handsome guy with Good Hair for umpteen years of conservative rule.  Now they vote for another handsome guy with Good Hair, probably for more years of neoliberalism,  as we slide down the toilet.  Canadians are polite, we flush.


I would like to like the Gap-type Cool Trudeau, ever since I heard his quite wonderful eulogy to his father.  I would like to think his apparent disinterest in spending much time in Parliament as a member was that it is such a suffocating place full of...um...y'know...politicians -- insufferable people who tell you what they think you think without ever ...y'know...thinking.  


I wanted to like Barak Obama do when he was also campaigning as an agent of change. 


But JT's record in the House, like O(bama)'s Story in the Senate are deal breakers.  Consider his views on the anti-civil rights bill C-51, the Keystone Pipeline, TPP, Russia and Palestine --(the last two no different from Mulcair, sadly).  Or, take his characterization of Omar Khadr, the former child soldier tortured and convicted in defiance of International Law to which Canada is a signatory as a "convicted terrorist and murderer".  

Terrorists are born not made?

Trudeau also says :

"Omar Khadr needs to be treated the way we treat Canadians according to the rules that exist, according to the laws and principles that govern"

This is typically "liberal", touting law while ignoring it.

The facts are clear. Canadian law is also clear:  Omar Khadr was a child soldier. He also acted in self defense under an illegal invasion.  Ergo, his conviction should not stand according the "law and principles that govern". He is neither a terrorist nor a murderer.  If he is -- so are we all. 
Future Terrorist?

Such things tell you something about Trudeau.He is at best intellectually lazy-- a Mickey Mouser cleaning his ears with a gold spoon. 

Disneyland, Liberal-land, Fantasy-land

He is the embodiment of  dangerous banality -- not so much of the rich --but of the Comfortable Middle --the Couch Class.  Trudeau's obvious support for corporatism -- in the form of Keystone, TPP, Internet and copyright legislation and the like should come as no surprise.  It reflects intellectual flab.

The Comfortable Middle?

As I said, I really wanted to like JT -- especially when he promised to legalize my old friend, Maryjane.    (There are no more Chardonnay Liberals-- they all toke weed.)


Then I realized it was just posturing -- again: "See how progressive I am".  Ummm....That's JT -- a progressive without progress.


When the openly regressive Harper attacked JT for pushing drugs to kindergartners,  the PM just looked uncool --which, since the 60s has been the 8th Deadly Sin in Canada, after, maybe, never having smoked pot.

Weed is Cool

Let's be clear: offering to legalize weed is not a courageous stand -- as, say, dumping Keystone or opposing TPP or criticizing Israel or the Ukranian Nazis might be.  Or even standing up for the rule of law, as in the Khadr case. 


For Trudeau -- everything is about "looking good".  He's the perfect High School substitute teacher -- sharing the same preconceptions and mentality as his students. 

Justin fits in

  Don't expect change. Trudeau is just Harper Lite.  Harper liked fluffy sweaters.  Trudeau is just fluffy. 




  1. Interesting take on a subject I know very little about, but am very interested in. The Americans find him very attractive and that is as far as the reporting goes...

  2. Trudeau looks good. So did Obama. But, just like Obama he has handed over economic policy in his cabinet to conservatives with strong corporate ties. He pushed the Keystone Pipeline, which even Obama rejected as a threat to the environment. Now we have TPP -- which Trudeau clearly favors. He will not allow his party a free vote on this. And he is unlikely to try to change anything of substance. He has said he will be more evenhanded in the Middle East -- but that just means buddying up to the Saudi and Qatari dictators, the PA, and other regressive forces.