Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Brand In Search Of A Nation

Japan is a brand in search of a nation.

"Branding" is like the things we do to define ourselves as a certain kind of person.  Teenagers often choose their clothes and shoes and music and hairstyle and language to identify with a certain group.  Does he want to be a "Jock"?  Or a "Geek"?  Or a "Rebel"?  Or, if "he" is a "she" --is it Barbie?

But  "branding" is not quite the same as identity.  If you are a "Geek" by nature, you may never be accepted as a "Jock"-- much less Barbie.  And your attempts will just be laughed at.

The best course is just to be who you are--in terms of your abilities and interests--rather than modeling yourself on others or on manufactured stereotypes.

Self-consciously proclaiming your "coolness" is, as I have said, elsewhere the most "uncool" thing you can do.

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