Monday, April 1, 2013

PR As Zombie Culture

I have been saying that the Self is a fiction – so – I guess I am not really alive.  And you are not really alive either. We are zombies.  Which is really, really cool

Zombies are really popular.  As in zombie movies, zombie parties, zombie TV.

And zombies are relevant because they are everywhere.

 Remember your last date?  Remember high school?

 Remember your first job?  Your present job?   Aft first, you thought all those animated corpses were other people. Then you looked in the mirror.  Oh fuck! How long has it been since I was really alive?

Of course, zombies have some things going for them.  Zombies do feel not pain. They are never feel socially embarrassed by dropping, mashed potatoes, from a fork.

 For one thing they eat only human brains -- the ultimate anti-intellectual schtick.  And they are always having a arm or leg rot off.  Nah, zombies don't worry what others think. 

Or do they?

Since zombies don't really think -- they are natural Republicans.  True Americans.  What would the US be without them?

So, this is more proof I am on the right track when I say the Self is fiction.

But what about my idea that, actually, we have a lot different selves -- also fictions, of course.    If what we call the "Self" is really a mindless, brain-munching zombie -- then all those other selves are what?  Mini-zombies?  Your private horde --the Undead Dead milling about inside?

Questions, questions....

And if you and I are zombies -- what about family?    Dad, is that you?  Mom, why are you eating the baby?

Zombies explain a lot about family and family relationships.

How do I related zombies to my thing  about Groupthink,.  I guess if you have a lot of zombies --and you clearly do -- their collective un-conscious -- and they are clearly collectively not very conscious -- is the Zombie Groupmind. 

Now, if propaganda originates in Groupthink--rather than creates and directs Groupthink, as I maintain -- the all propaganda, including PR and advertising are about undead people making more undead people -- and killing people.   So, the media's thing obsessions with sex and the military are easily understood.

Zombies also explain politicians.  Take George Bush.  Obviously not sentient -- just following his basic drive to eat babies.    What else was the War on Iraq and the Middle East about?

george bush baby

Barack Obama.  A proud day for black people when the zombies of these United States elected their first black zombie president. .

Barry is not so much into babies.  He prefers to kill them with drones.  As a Harvard grad, though, he really likes eating brains.

That said he is totally different from George Bush!  He's .... he's....he'

I'm joking, of course. But there is a serious side.  In some sense, we are all philosophical zombies....

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