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What the Inquirer says.....

 Nick Farrell at the Inquirer says it all....

Apple's subliminal marketing propaganda

Comment Reality distortion field in action
Fri Sep 18 2009, 16:14
A VIDEO CLIP on Youtube that shows some edited highlights of Apple's recent Ipod press conference reveals how unimaginative and repetitive the fruit themed Cappuccino outfit's marketing techniques really are and has created a storm of laughter.
dalekAll the video's creator did was edit the press conference footage down to just the marketing superlatives that were used. It seems that every person who took the stage could not help but use the words "incredible, amazing, awesome, wonderful, really cool".
The stupidity of it would be really funny if it didn't make you want to throw up at the same time.
In the DIY marketing book "My Struggle", aspiring Austrian marketeer Adolph Hitler first mooted in the 1940s that if you tell a big enough lie and simply keep repeating it, most people are stupid enough to believe it.
It seems that "incredible, amazing, awesome, wonderful" Apple marketers have not advanced their techniques beyond the staging of Nuremberg-style rallies, bribing the media and repeating that they and all their products are really cool.
Now it is possible that it's all just enthusiasm. It's like people want to believe that there is something innocent about such things.
Nothing is really prepared it is just all "incredible, amazing, awesome, wonderful, really cool". If they are limited in their vocabulary about all of the company's product that is because they are just normal slobbering fools like most of the rest of the great unwashed.
After all Steve Jobs really looks like he believes what he is saying, so of course you want to believe too.
But enthusiasm causes people to gush. They choose a lot of words and not the same ones as everyone else. Excessive enthusiasm is the Monkey Boy display of Steve Ballmer. You know he really does that sort of stuff and most Microsoft marketers probably wish that he wouldn't.
Such a concept of free creativity is beyond the Apple corporate structure. Apple's entire corporate ethos is one of extreme control. Everything is controlled by the Supreme Dalek and nothing is by accident.
So what is more likely is that the people giving the presentations were told by Apple's marketing cadre to repeat "incredible, amazing, awesome, wonderful, really cool" as often as possible, sort of like the mantra that the Hare Krishnas chant as they parade down the high street.
It is unlikely that a normal rational human really would care that much about a mere gadget, other than perhaps a woman about shoes. These are people who go to work, design stuff and have more interesting lives outside of their work. They are not really going to believe that a product is so "incredible, amazing, awesome, wonderful, really cool". It is just their job to build it and flog it to the true believer fanboys and others with more money than sense.
On their deathbed they will say the same things that other people do about what mattered to them in their life - their family, their adventures, their amusing stories and the fun they had. I bet none of them will say that their contribution to humanity was making this "incredible, amazing, awesome, wonderful, really cool" MP3 player.
The Youtube video exposes how silly the whole Apple marketing schtick actually is, and what's scary is that it actually gets away with this. ยต

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