Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sovereign Bullshit

A lot of PR is, as I have said, propaganda….  A good example is PR for the insurance industry.  Take a look at this blurb from the Kiwi insurance company Sovereign.

Our values
Our values
Sovereign is no ordinary insurance company. As a values-based organisation, we believe in putting people first. This not only means our customers, but also our staff and the community at large. We know life and business is not just about making money and our corporate culture reflects this. 

This stuff about “putting people first” should be a give away!  Especially since Sovereign has been sued (unsuccessfully) by people that felt it was not putting them first.  Since when did an insurance company prioritize claimants, On the contrary, the put their considerable resources to work, to avoid paying.  Insurance companies are in it for the money – so this is just hype.
Our purpose… is to provide New Zealanders with long-term peace of mind. 
No. our purpose is to make money. Take a look at our section on our finances.

Our vision… is to be New Zealand’s best insurer and financial services provider, excelling in customer service.
Not best insurer– richest.

Our values… provide a framework for the way in which we interact with our customers, each other and our business partners. They are:
Corporations rarely have values – they have profit and loss statements.

- one team one goal
- an inspiring team valuing diversity
- listen, encourage, support
- contribute to our community
Pay your premiums.  Don’t expect to get anything back.

- be true to yourself and your word
- honour our promises
- open our hearts
- take responsibility and ownership
But you better read the fine print first.

- push the boundaries
- develop and stretch
- share knowledge and experience
- embrace the future
- delivering to and exceeding expectations

exceeding  expectations for our owners”

- choose your attitude
- participate and get involved
- take time to celebrate success
- smile

Oh please. What could be more disingenuous?    Break a leg and have fun trying to get a disability benefit.

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