Monday, June 10, 2019

By their foreign policy thou shall know them

Confused about who to vote for?

By their foreign policy thou shall know them.

Simply speaking, foreign policy is the clearest indicator of principles .   This is because foreign policy is about the "other", meaning people with whom you have no social relationship.  Clearly, any foreign policy which defines whole populations to be "other than" Canadian, American, white, male, female, human...whatever -- reflect a lack of ethical principle.  If you don't care about the millions dying in  the Middle East -- which your country could do something about if it had the will, then you don't care about people in another town in your country, or possibly people down the street who are a different race or sexual orientation or religion. 

Look at it this way.  You are walking down the street. You see a man raping a young girl  You happen to know him. But not her .

Possible responses: 

"How ya' doing John" you say.  

Or maybe: "Need a hand?" 

Or maybe you  keep on walking.   You don't phone 911. Too much trouble  You know him. You know it isn't good.  But the girl doesn't matter enough to get involved -- because she is  "other".  Maybe there is another side to the story. Yeah, maybe.

People who support American foreign policy are like that. So are those who support Canadian, British, and Australian foreign policy.
They don't do the Evil -- but supporting it is in some ways worse because it continues it.  Worse, they enjoy watching.

In Canada, all of the major political parties support the same "fuck'm - they're not us" foreign policies.   That includes Justin, Jagmeet and Liz.   Which means that all the people who vote for those parties feel the same way.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

The Fuck You Nation

Fascism is  neofeudal – a top-down system in which the Few rule the Many – it takes many forms.

If we think this way, then America's war with Hitler was not a war between "democracy" and "fascism" -- it was a war between two competing totalitarian models.  

America has always been a fascist state--but, a very sophisticated one, since it offers the illusion of freedom and liberty while making every effort to make sure that the "people" do what they are told. 

This is something inherited from the British.  Britain, after all, was an ethnically mixed society.  First, the Celts and Picts, then the Romans, then the Saxons and the Jutes and the Angles. Then the Danes. Then the Normans,  Each group had its own culture and each competed for place, with some rising to power over others.

But while power in such circumstances can be achieved by violence and usually is -- it cannot be maintained without the the cooperation of the conquered.   After that, violence is a last resort – mostly to exterminate those who don't “fit” in.

Early America was also ethnically diverse.  The Rulers of the early Republic talked a lot about freedom and liberty – but they made sure that this remained just talk.  

The Indians would not fit in.  So they were exterminated.  African Americans were  enslaved.  At first, formally; then informally until this day.

Hitler’s Germany was really created by Bismarck in the 19th Century – a confederation of ethnically diverse Germanic states, which Russia, the UK, France, and America were at pains to destroy in WWI.

Then came Germany.   The Jews were Hitler’s Indians.   Belsen and Buchenwald were his versions of reservations with genocide equivalent to the bounties put on Indians in the 19th Century.   

FDR did not care about the Jews.  But Hitler had managed to turn the German economy around a lot faster than he could.  He realized that he American would fail without the social regimentation offered by a “good war”.

The differences between Hitler and FDR were largely cosmetic -- except  that FDR was an imperialist and Hitler was nationalist.  No, he did not want to conquer Europe. Nor even the USSR.  If he had, it would have been impossible to maintain his dreams of Germanic racial purity. 

FDR, like all American presidents, thought then and since thought America was the "exceptional nation" , uber alles.  America should rule the world.  And for at least half a century it has.

Hitler borrowed American racialist ideas of racial purity and eugenic progress to push his notion of the Aryanism.  But this was childish atavism compared to Anglo-American concept of  rule by Aristos –a ruling class defined not by race or education – but by power.  Ethnic unity has never been the goal in American – rather, the contrary – ethnic division and competition, in a fundamentally hierarchical system with scapegoats at the bottom, the omegas which all the betas above can save, while the alphas play at the top.
Today, we see the true face of America.  Thanks to Donald Trump. Trump is not really different from any other President. He is just more honest. Obama said “we are the exceptional nation”. That sounded a lot better than, “we are the fuck you nation” . But it really means the same thing.

America was always like Dorian Gray.  It’s public image was a lie. Hidden away is its’ real image: evil, corrupt and ugly.

America “soft power” (sic) always depended on Hollywood and the entertainment industry, peddling human rights, equality, democracy, the agency of the individual, and moral vision.  To sell abroad, the entertainment industry represented these things as human values – rather than just American ones.   

The nastiness of American fascism means cognitive dissonance.  People are programmed to believe in democratic values and the human goodness, as opposed by Evil (there must always be a bad guy).

But it is obvious now that the “bad guy” is America. And makes anyone proud to be "American" a bad guy, too. 

America is indeed the Great Satan.

And Jesus?  Probably Julian Assange comes closest.  Reviled, abused, persecuted – for obeying  a higher morality.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

The Most Shameless of Nations

Almost every American I know is proud to be an American.
That applies to the political left as well as  the right, not to mention the center --not to mention all the people who they say they are a-political.


What exactly does any citizen of the United States of America have to be proud of?


Americans didn't invent that and the US has never been a real democracy. Its founders in fact feared democracy - which is why the created the electoral college and a complicated political system that ensures that the rich and powerful will always rule.



The history of the US is that of an Evil Empire -- genocide, slavery of different kinds, racism, injustice, war and injustice. This is a country that has killed 20 million people since 1950, a large number of them innocent civilians, a nation where the "rule of law" is a parody.

If you're an American and proud of it - you should be ashamed -- of your country--but even more of yourself.

Granted there are lots of countries that are just as bad. A few that are worse.    And the are countries whose people seem largely delusional, often for historical, cultural and religious reasons. But in this respect, America  and Americans are truly "exceptional" -- with fewer excuses than most -- not just delusional but psychopathic on a national level.  

A country  is an institution.  It cannot exist without people to support it. In the end, it is the citizens who are responsible, not governments or even the rich or powerful.  Don't believe me. Believe Benjamin Franklin.

In the last American election how many people voted?  Maybe 55%?  Just  a little over half of the population. 

A lot of people stayed home saying" what's the difference between Trump and Hillary?"

Good point -- but they could have voted Green.  The Green party offered a real-world progressive platform that promised honest change -- which is why they got only 3 % of the vote.  Americans fear change -- all the while knowing that if you don't change things for the better, things change for the worse. 

Trump got in because his base consisted of either Alt-Right crazies or people who were just plain pissed at the status quo. In the US, you don't have majority rule because the majority doesn't give a shit. You have rule by the most pissed. Either pissed off -- or just pissed on something.

Now, with the 2020 election coming we will probably see a repeat of the madness.  Yes,  the American people are mad -- or, if you like a politer form -- mentally ill.  Trump is a beacon of ineptitude-- his only virtue  a theatrical display of the evil of the empire of which he is Caesar.  Opposing him, you have the Democrats, who differ little in terms of police.  You do not have a real two party state in the US -- you just have factions of one party.  

But there is choice. As I have said, people could have voted Green. 

Is Trump dishonest? No, he is pretty open about his values -- or lack of them -- which is more than you can say for the Democrats -- and certainly the American people as a whole.

Imagine if  Hillary had won the last election.  Would things have been better?  Of course, not. 

Russophobia and Sinophobia would likely have been even worse. Americans need someone to hate.  And it is not politic to hate Jews or Black people or the Krauts or the Japs anymore. 

There would have been real possibility of war in Syria if Hillary had thought to  try to ban the Russians from the skies.  NAFTA would have passed and the trade war with China --inevitable given the policy of the Deep State -- would have worsened as a consequence.  Western predatory capitalism and Chinese state managed capitalism differ in their assumptions and principles. 

The US policy towards Venezuela and other liberal states in Latin American would not be much different -- just not as brazen -- the death of a thousand cuts rather than a brutal attack from behind with a garrote in the dead of night.  

 We saw what Hillary did to Honduras.  That was the game plan.

Medicare.   The US would be further from Medicare for All than today.

Hillary would have (arguably)  been worse for the US -- but she would have placated the "center that semi-digested, junk-food bolus of public opinion on its way to the shitter.  Would democrats be even talking about "democratic socialism" (aka liberalism)?  Medicare?  Would there be any AOC or Omar? Would there be a much discussion about Israeli interference in American elections and government? 

Probably not.

Because the Hillary represented the Status Quo. I'm alright Jack.  People want to think that everything is AOK, that nothing needs to be done, that they don't have to get up from the couch.   The Center doesn't like change. Right or Left.

And so, the United States and its people remain -- shameless. 

Friday, April 5, 2019

Is America the LynchMob Country?

America has always been a racist country. It still is. If anything - more so since our racism has become more sophisticated.

Keep in mind  there is really no such thing as "race".  Is "race" the color of your skin?  Or you hair type?  Or your eyes?  Or the size of your nose?  "Race" is just difference.  And a "racist" is just someone sees people who are superficially different as not "people".  Dogs are smarter.  Take your poodle to a dog park and the mutts and German Shepherds, don't object.   

Racism is not necessarily "hatred"; it is dehumanization, denial of another person's humanity.

In early American, Puritanism - Calvinism - -did not help insofar as it supposed that only a few were chosen by God for salvation and you really didn't know who or why other than that those who were Chosen were likely rich and successful because God had their back. The rest, especially the unfortunate,  were damned.  

Church of England people nominally believed that all were saved, just not in this life, where some people were "better" than others. Sort of pre-Darwinism. 

In either case, if you weren't superior to somebody, you were inferior at best, damned at worst.

So the Irish who were poor considered subhuman.  But at least they were better than blacks or Indians.Blacks didn't have any property worth coveting and Indians didn't believe in property.

Sign in London but common in New York

Jews believed in property and made sure to have it thanks to education and strong communities--but they were also "different".You like their money: you just didn't like "them". 

Today, as I have said, Americans are still racist but we have made progress -- in diversifying, and upgrading our dehumanization strategies.  Not Racism 2.0 - but Racism 10!

Old fashioned antisemitism is a no-no.  You have to be Pro-Zionist, which is  inverted antisemitism because the idea is to keep Jews separate -- "over there" as a barrier to Muslims, particularly the dark skinned ones who dress funny.    Blacks are OK, if they pretend they are middle class whites, like Barak Obama or Clarence Thomas.  The Irish are OK now because we need cops.    Mexicans, of course, are really Indians -- and "Better dead than Red(skin)" unless you need cheap labor. 

Islamophobia was a great addition to classical antisemitism. Palestinians who are both Christian and Muslim are actually semites, so we can indulge our prejudices their without worry.  Ifr they all suddenly converted to Judaism, we would have a problem.

We have really expanded our racist menu.

In addition, you now have Sinophobia and Russophobia, which are really just updated versions of 19th Century racism.  The Chinese and the Russians are "different".  We don't discriminate against Chinese because they are Asian of course.  The Japanese are our friends because they always do what we say.  The Chinese are, well, intractable, and they used to know their place.  But recently? And the Russians?   Ditto.  Worse, both the Chinese and Russians make stuff better than we do. 

We built our country by taking the lands and lives of the original inhabitants. Then we expanded a worldwide empire the same way. 

But the Russians and the Chinese do not want to give up their lands and their lives. So, we must do to them what we did to all the others-- destroy them -- unless they will admit their subhuman status and become slaves., the Japanese.  Or the British. 

But the facts are hard to ignore.

Do you believe in Russiagate? There has been no evidence of that at all.  You're a racist. Do you believe the Chinese want to dominate the world. There is no evidence of that either.  You're a racist. Not the old kind of racist. But an updated 21st century neo-racist, projecting ethnocentrically. 

America.  Racists 'R Us.  America: the LynchMob Country.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Convenience Store Liberals

Liberals are an Identity Group, not a political party.

Identity group? But blacks, women, gay and lesbians and so on are born that way. They don't have a choice.  You aren't born to be a "liberal". 

Liberals may or may not be "born that way" but implying they have a choice, implies the ability to think critically and independently. Liberals don't like to make choices-- they like to sit on the fence, trying to fit in with the people around them.  They just love that word "moderate", which inevitably implies compromise, which just as inevitably means "compromised".    

Both Liberals and Conservatives have a Convenience Store mentality. They don't think - they shop for ideas that fit their biases.   They  want convenient ideas that fit  psychologies which determined by a combination of genetics and upbringing and social circumstances.  Both shop in what you might call the Media Convenience store -- which  packages ideas and information that sate hunger for a  palatable, predigested munchies to fit your tastes for junk. 

Liberals go to WaPo, the NYT, CNN, MSNBC. You know, the microwaveable spaghetti and pizzas.  Conservatives to to Fox News, microwaveable hamburgers and chittos. 

The Packaging may be different, as with junk foods. But it is still junk food.  Still loaded with sugar, salt and various additives.

Conservatives are a bit like fat people who eat crappy fattening food and say.  "It's crappy but it's American!"

Liberals try to sound "intelligent".  So they quote some idiot at WaPo, who was been consistently on the wrong side of history for the last 10 or 20 years, and whose opinions when you come right down to it are actually conservative.  The conservative part is like GMOs  that you know are carcinogenic but, hey, it hasn't been really proven, has it?  Anyway, spaghetti is Italian, right? 

This approach is a lot easier than trying to find out the truth. The truth is like healthy organic tomatoes.  Hard to find.

Also, the truth requires action, just as good food requires time and skill to prepare. 

We are lazy.

We know that neoliberal capitalism is destroying lives worldwide and contributing to a global environmental collapse that will kill billions, including our children. Liberals could stop that by voting for people like Jill Stein and by Yellow Vests type protests, civil insurrection.  But that would disrupt your TV watching schedule. Yeah, yeah, the kids will die but you're standing in front of the TV.

The answer?  the Media Convenience Store.  Think about that the next time you read Google News or watch CNN or MSNBC or the BBC or read an article in WaPo or the NYT or the Guardian.  Babykiller.

Monday, February 25, 2019

I'm Right Again

As predicted Jagmeet Singh won his seat in parliament in the Burnaby South bye-election.  Won? Well, he got 38.7% of the vote with the remainder split between three Chinese-Canadian candidates.

In other words, my previous analysis was spot-on. In a proportional voting system, he would likely have lost. Naturally, he got a boost from the SNC Lavalin scandal.

In the long term, this is not good for the NDP, however. Singh is just another faux liberal. And people would rather vote for the real thing, tarnished as it is. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Jagmeet. His Jug is empty

Jagmeet Singh will probably win in Burnaby. 

He shouldn't, of course.  

But the Liberals have handed him the seat through sheer ineptitude. First, by delaying the election, which looked just mean-spirited, further undermining GoldenBoy Trudeau's sunny, shiny image. Then,  by fielding Karen Wang who really wasn't much of a candidate in the first place, a recycled, failed local Liberal, but (like Justin) photogenic. Finally by dumping her when polls looked bad --on the excuse of...wait for it racism? 

Racism? Really? Her assistant tweeted (in Chinese) on Chinese social media (WeChat) that if all the local Chinese voted for her she could win because she was running against an Indian (Sikh) recalling the historic rivalry between Chinese and Indians, which still exists today and the fact that local Chinese outnumber the Sikhs.  That is not exactly "racist": it is just acknowledgement of the fact of ethnic competition in a multi-ethnic community.  Of course, the Liberals chose a Chinese because Jagmeet is being touted as a "person of color", which he isn't technically. And the Liberals wanted to out-PC, the very PC NDP. Run "left"; govern "right".

 In any case, Poor Karen got dumped.  Jagmeet had nothing to say -- typically.  He could have been a Mensch shown a bit of principle and said something supportive as in, "Ah shucks she didn't really mean it, we are all one here" the kind of thing he did a long time ago when he was accused of being a Muslim.  The Kumbaya Theme-- which won him instant acclaim. 

Nope. Jug was jugheaded. And when it comes down to it, not all that principled.

The Liberals went on to put in another Chinese candidate. Yup. Chinese agin the Indians. Well, Sikhs.

Not to be outdone, the Conservatives added their Chinese candidate. And an Chinese independent jumped in too. Oh yes, PC. In the meantime, Meng Wanzhou faces extradition. 

Ethnicity matters a lot in Canada.  We support NeoNazis in the Ukraine because of the Ukrainian diaspora.  And don't forget the whole French / English thing.

So,  many Chinese will vote Chinese.  Only this vote will be now be split three ways.

Ergo, Jagmeet wins.

In the meantime, Jagmeet continues to show he either lacks lacks progressive principles --or maybe just guts with respect to foreign policy.  It's all about appearances.  Are Canadians this shallow.  The Liberals, NDP and Conservatives apparently think so.

Jagmeet?  Trudeau with beard and turban. Scheer?  Trudeau with suit and tie.

Most recently, all three parties have signed on to American regime change in Venezuela, the putsch to replace the authentically elected Maduro with the unelected Guaido,  a man 80% of Venezuelans don't know.  Did Hitler actually win WWII?  No. But we didn't learn anything did we?